Cat food super premium - 2016 rating

Choose the right cat food - it's not five minutes. After all, this largely depends on the health of your pet. In this rating of cat food in 2016 presents premium and super premium food.

It is useful to know:

  • Rating of premium dog food for 2016.


  • 10. Nutram
  • 9. Cimiao
  • 8. Profine Adult Cat
  • 7. Arden Grange
  • 6. 1st Choice
  • 5. Bosch SANABELLE
  • 4. Acana
  • 3. Purina( ProPlan)
  • 2. Royal Canin
  • 1. Natura Pet Produkts( Innova Evo)

10. Nutram

Super cat food for super cats. His rating is very high among owners of fluffy or allergic cats. Nutram is a Canadian-made holistic. Holistic is made in compliance with certain conditions. For example, products with a high content of gluten( such as corn flour, which are so fond of gaining weight cheaper food), meat-and-bone meal, as well as flavors, dyes and preservatives are excluded.

9. Cimiao

The Italian animal feed manufacturer offers two super-premium lines - Cirrorless and low-grain Cimiao feeds. The feed has many varieties - from fodder to house cats to cats with a sensitive stomach, castrated animals and pets prone to weight gain.

8. Profine Adult Cat

Although the French consider their product to be super premium food, it is more likely to be premium in composition. In the word "super" one is forced to doubt both the presence of cornmeal and the chicken "by-products" in the composition( each kotovladder knows that by "by-products" the producers understand not the liver, kidneys and stomachs, but the milled heads, paws and skin).Of the pluses - in the stern are supplements like fish fats, dried apple and a complex of vitamins. And there are no attractants, no chemical dyes.

7. Arden Grange

American dry fodder for super-premium cats, according to the manufacturers, consist only of high-quality ingredients, each of which undergoes the same technological control as food for humans. Forages are hypoallergenic, do not contain any coloring agents, flavoring agents, or preservatives. The main ingredient is chicken meat. In the line there are both grain and non-grain formulas.

6. 1st Choice

Very good option for the price / quality ratio - the feed of the Canadian company PLB International. In composition, they are closer to holistic, and at a price slightly higher than premiums. Instead of cheap corn, producers use brown rice. Lack of food - in Russia you can buy only in online stores.


German super premium food is perfectly balanced in composition - 31-35% protein, 7% mineral supplements, there are fish oils and other vitamin supplements. The meat part is mostly made up of poultry. Of the minuses - there is maize, which can cause allergies in the animal.

4. Acana

Acana is not just a super premium, but also a holistic manufactured in Canada, where the requirements for product quality are higher than in Russia. In the diet 70% of meat, and the remaining 30% includes vegetables, fruits and mineral supplements - and no cereals.

Less is a small product variety( for example, few dietary options).

3. Purina( ProPlan)

Opens the top three lists of the best cat food. It should be noted that although the "usual" ProPlan feeds are premium class, veterinary ones are super premium, as higher quality ones. Although ProPlan is 40% protein, but most of these 40% are plant-based, including corn and wheat flour. Both of these products can be allergens to cats. However, along with this, there are additives of prebiotics and enzymes in the diet, which are usually present in the super-premium class and holistic.

2. Royal Canin

Another widely advertised premium cat food ranked second in the ranking. The range of Royal Canin feeds is very diverse and includes both dry and wet forages. Veterinary ones are more qualitative and can be attributed rather to a super premium.

1. Natura Pet Produkts( Innova Evo)

Holistic of American origin. One of the best cat food, perfectly balanced, including only hypoallergenic and dietary ingredients. Meat part - chicken, turkey and rabbit;milk - lactose-free milk. Fiber is given fruits and vegetables, as well as cranberries as an additive for the prevention of urolithiasis.