Rating of the best thrillers of 2011

The genre of the thriller includes films that uniquely in the process of viewing cause an adrenaline rush. The best thrillers of 2011 of the year are presented in our rating today. The past year was generous with new items, so choosing the most worthy ones was not an easy task. So, we present the 10 best thrillers of 2011, selected according to the results of the voting on a variety of Internet resources.


  • 10. "Without compromise"
  • 9. "Fields"
  • 8. "Source code"
  • 7. "Price of passion"
  • 6. "Mechanic"
  • 5. "Unknown"
  • 4. "Areas of darkness"
  • 3. "Fast and the Furious 5"
  • 2. "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"
  • 1. "X-Men: First Class"

10. "Without Compromise"

- a detective thriller in which the hero Jason Statham tries to catch a maniac, mercilesslykilling policemen. Dynamic development of events and a large number of secondary lines completely absorb the viewer's attention.

9. "Fields"

- another thriller about the capture of a maniac, only this time the victims are young girls whose bodies are found in endless fields. And although the action of the film unfolds not as dynamic as in the previous tape, "Fields" inevitably draw into the cycle of an ambiguous story and a magnificent acting game, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack.

8. The "source code"

is a real cocktail of riddles. The main character is to understand why he repeatedly moves from a closed space to a moving train, which the terrorist explodes. Understand yourself, understand who manages the whole chain of events, and calculate the terrorist - it's not easy to cope with such a list of tasks.

7. "Price of passion"

is a melodramatic thriller. The suicide at the edge of the abyss all looks at the clock in anticipation of something. .. Provocations, intrigues and a shocking ending make this film worthy of the struggle for the title of " the best thriller of 2011 ."

6. "Mechanic"

- a criminal thriller-thriller. The story of a professional killer, who becomes the mentor of a young and impulsive newcomer. Work in pairs ultimately leads to a deadly confrontation, from which the veins of the viewer become cold.

5. "Unknown"

is a dramatic thriller based on the story of a man who lost his own "I".Coming out of a long coma, Martin Harris understands that his life is living another person. A young taxi driver helps to arrange everything for her meta hero.

4. "Areas of Darkness"

is an exciting story about the possibilities of the human brain. Under the action of a special drug, any information ever read or seen is reproduced in fractions of a second, but not always super-powers turn into a boon. Like other 's best movies, the thrillers, "Areas of Darkness" are an excellent director's work, acting and soundtrack, the importance of which can not be overemphasized when it comes to impact on the public's nerves.

3. "Fast and the Furious 5"

- the fifth part of the "Fast and the Furious" series was released in the IMAX format, which can not but affect the sharpness of the viewing experience. Choosing the best thrillers the list should be filled up with this dynamic hit, in the center of the plot there is an exciting pursuit by cops of the main characters, slightly carried away by life outside the law.

2. "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"

is a sequel to the famous movie epic. The Ethan Hunt division has been liquidated, its reputation has a blot of unjust accusation, and knowledge of the impending attack prompts action without delay. Only here in the partners are people about whom almost nothing is known. .. The slogan of the fourth part of the "Mission": "There is no plan. There is no help. No choice.".

1. "X-Men: First Class"

is a gift for the fans of the series, from which the audience will learn about the formation of Professor Xavier and Magneto, and what kind of cat ran between two bosom friends. A fantastic action movie, perhaps, will mark the beginning of a new trilogy about the X-Men.

Of course, include all best thrillers rating , compiled by us, is not able to. And this year is preparing spectators not less interesting and exciting novelties.