Rating of the most dangerous tourist destinations in 2011

Foreign resorts annually attract millions of Russians. However, it should be noted that rest abroad is not always safe. To assess the level of risk of this or that tourist direction allows TD-Index( Travel Danger Index).The indicator depends on the number of insurance cases with Russian citizens in a particular country, as well as on the total number of those who left the country. Studies were conducted in 31 directions from among the most popular among our compatriots. The data was provided by the leaders of the tourist insurance industry - these are 11 companies, which account for 90% of the market.

Rating of the five most dangerous tourist destinations in 2011 is as follows.


  • 5. On the fifth place is Spain.
  • 4. The fourth place was Bulgaria,
  • 3. Thailand with TD-Index 138 opens the top three of the rating.
  • 2. The second line of the rating goes to Egypt.
  • 1. Turkey received the highest threat rating( 280)

5. The fifth place is Spain .

This European country attracts our tourists not only with a rich culture, but also with the opportunity at an affordable price to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. And beach rest, as a rule, is in the lead by the number of accidents. In addition, the Spanish embassies of many countries( the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, Canada) additionally warn their tourists about the high level of activity of local thieves-pickpockets.

4. The fourth place was Bulgaria ,

which Russians also prefer to visit during the summer season for recreation on the coast. Moreover, the TD-Index for both European countries( Bulgaria and Spain), included in the rating, is almost the same and is about 46 points.

3. Thailand with TD-Index 138 opens the top three of the rating.

And the amount of payments for travel insurance to Russians who visited Thailand from January to August 2011 amounted to more than 55 million rubles. By the way, in the list of the most dangerous tourist destinations, compiled by the British magazine Forbes, Thailand is also located on one of the leading positions. Among the dangers that lie in wait for travelers are poisoning by food and water, theft, low level of safety on excursions and in transport.

2. The second line of the rating goes to to Egypt .

Public disturbances and an unstable political situation have significantly reduced the flow of tourists in this direction. Obviously, therefore, the number of insurance cases has significantly decreased, and the value of the TD-Index of Egypt( 149) is almost 2 times less than the leader of the rating - Turkey.

It is noteworthy that the amount of insurance payments to tourists who visited Egypt is about 30 million rubles, which is much lower than Thailand's. The difference can be explained by the lower cost of treatment and the lower weight of insurance cases.

Among the main hazards - a large number of accidents involving tourists, as well as injuries sustained during scuba diving. Unfortunately, according to the leaders of major dive centers, the share of Russians accounts for about 75 percent of all accidents.

The unstable situation increases the likelihood of becoming an unwitting participant in street riots, which also significantly increases the level of crime.

1. The highest rating of danger( 280) was received by Turkey

- traditionally the most popular tourist destination among Russians. She also leads by the volume of insurance payments - about 70 million rubles. Among the most common insurance cases - acute respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, domestic injuries and accidents. According to different estimates, from 20 to 40 percent of tourists visiting Turkey, at least once faced with problems of digestion.

It is interesting that the lowest TD-Index of the twenty most popular countries is assigned to China - only 0.5.

Based on materials: RBC.Rating