The highest paid singers of 2014

Modern pop divas earn not only on concert tours and sales of records, but also on their own business, as well as participation in advertising. The incomes of celebrities, as usual, are calculated by Forbes analysts.

As a result, there was a rating, which included the highest paid singers of 2014 .


  • 10. Britney Spears( $ 20 million)
  • 9. Lady Gaga( $ 33 ​​million)
  • 8. Celine Dion( $ 36 million)
  • 7. Miley Cyrus( $ 36 million)
  • 6. Jennifer Lopez( $ 37 million)million)
  • 5. Katy Perry( $ 40 million)
  • 4. Rihanna( $ 48 million)
  • 3. Pink( $ 52 million)
  • 2. Taylor Swift( $ 64 million)
  • 1. Beyonce( $ 115 million)

10. Britney Spears( $ 20 million)

Britney's last album did not receive a platinum status - such a career for the singer was not yet. The main income Spears brings to the show in Las Vegas, as well as active participation in television projects.

9. Lady Gaga( $ 33 ​​million)

At the peak of popularity, Gaga received $ 90 million a year. Now the earnings have become an order of magnitude smaller. The world tour broke because of a hip injury, and the third album Artpop did not live up to expectations.

8. Celine Dion( $ 36 million)

The press does not pay much attention to Céline, as to younger and more scandalous performers. However, Dion is actively touring, both in Europe and within his native Canada.

7. Miley Cyrus( $ 36 million)

The sale of the Bangerz album was greatly facilitated by the change of the singer's image, as well as scandalous antics, including a nude shot for the video for the song Wrecking Ball.

6. Jennifer Lopez( $ 37 million)

Popularity Lopez in recent years has fallen significantly, although this year Jennifer released a new album AKA, and also tried to be more active on television.

5. Katy Perry( $ 40 million)

Perry's revenues are revenue from concerts, as well as advertising contracts with Pop Chips, CoverGirl and other brands. In addition, Cathy is actively advocating a large fee at private parties.

4. Rihanna( $ 48 million)

Rihanna's popularity is promoted with over-successful singles, and collaborative projects with Eminem, Jay-Z and other stars. In social networks, the singer's subscribers are more than 37 million people.

3. Pink( $ 52 million)

Despite the fact that in the media the singer's name flickers less and less, Pink's revenues are getting higher. The annual income of the performer consisted of participation in 85 concerts, album sales and participation in advertising.

2. Taylor Swift( $ 64 million)

The country style star has a good income from participation in advertising Keds, Diet Coke and CoverGirl. In addition, Swift's new album has already been sold in excess of 1 million copies in the first week of sales.

1. Beyonce( $ 115 million)

The past year has become the most profitable for the entire career of the highest-paid singer of the world .The main income of pop diva brought concert activity, as well as a new album, released on the eve of 2014.