10 cities worth visiting in 2012

While planning a long-awaited vacation, we expect to receive a lot of pleasant impressions, learn something new, get a positive charge for a year.

The world's largest travel guide LonelyPlanet has compiled a list of 10 cities that are worth visiting in 2012 .Some of the tourist destinations included in the list have enjoyed constant popularity for many years. Others will be a real discovery of this year.

10. Darwin, Australia is an ideal holiday destination for those who adore parties and fun until the morning. Tourists from Asia have long been chosen this place in a sparsely populated Northern Territory. For fans of the excursion program - visiting memorable places and acquaintance with the culture of 50 ethnic groups that make up the population of Darwin, as well as merging with wildlife, preserved places in an unchanged form. The best time to visit Darwin is from May to October.

9. Orlando, USA is a popular place for family holidays among millions of Americans. Travelers with children are attracted to the famous Disney World theme park. For adults this year, the 61st Weekend of all NBA stars is of special interest. At this largest sporting event, marked by the same concerts and parties, will bring together famous musicians and basketball stars.

8. Hong Kong, China. The leading financial center of Asia attracts tourists with ebullient energy and futuristic architecture. This metropolis boasts unique subcultures, each of which is interesting for poetry and dances, theatrical installations and musical works. Colorful local markets and many shops and restaurants from fashionable to tiny family allow closer contact with the culture of the East.

7. Santiago, Chile is one of 's most dynamically developing capitals of the world . There is entertainment for every taste - sports events, new museums, restaurants and active nightlife. It is in Santiago in 2012 that , the highest building on the continent - 70-storey skyscraperTorreGranCostanera, should open in .Not far from the Chilean capital are snow-covered even in the summer slopes of the Andes, enticing skiers.

6. Guimaraes, Portugal. This small town with a population of less than a hundred thousand people is incredibly beautiful and included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site . The medieval buildings, covered with red tiles, alternate with beautiful mansions and palaces. This year GuimarĂ£es is declared the cultural capital of Europe 2012, which will lead to an influx of artists and simply creative people from all over the world.

5. Stockholm, Sweden. This European capital is invariably popular among tourists. Cozy, picturesque city is famous for its friendliness towards foreigners. Tourists are especially attracted by Sedermalm Island( S? Dermalm), where numerous bohemian bars with a unique atmosphere and designer shops are located. In the evenings, residents and guests of Stockholm are happy to stroll through the territory of the state park Jurgarden( Djurg? Rden).

4. Cadiz, Spain - one of the of the most ancient and interesting cities in Europe undeservedly deprived of the attention of tourists. Special charm to Cadiz is given by its inhabitants - open. Friendly and independent Spaniards. Once a year in the city there is a fun carnival, during which dances, singing and folk festivals last for 10 days.

3. Bengaluru( Bangalore), India is one of the most notable South Asian megacities. There is a busy life here, many IT-companies have offices in the city, and there are representatives of many ethnic groups among the population. Bangalore is famous for its excellent cuisine and centuries-old traditions in national music and a lot of rare applied arts, traditional for India. Tourists in Bangalore will certainly have to taste the lush vegetation and tropical climate. By the way, the metro functions in the city, so you can stand in local traffic jams except for replenishment of luggage impressions.

2. Muscat, Oman is the largest city and the capital of the Sultanate. Muscat stretches 200 km along the coast of the Gulf of Oman. There is everything to satisfy the most demanding travelers: luxury hotels, fine cuisine, water sports and great shopping. The population of the capital of Oman is very friendly towards tourists and with joy it helps to join the rich culture of the centuries-old city.

1. London, United Kingdom is the undisputed leader in attractiveness this year . The capital of the United Kingdom is transformed to the Summer Olympic Games. However, in addition to sports facilities, concentrated mainly in the eastern part of the city, you should not ignore the rest of London. It is here that you can truly feel the British spirit when you see the famous cabs, Westminster, Tower Bridge and double decker buses. Enjoy the panorama of the city by visiting the famous Ferris wheel London Eye .