Rating of the most popular employers of the world

A good employer is the cherished dream of millions of people. Social network LinkedIn, specializing in communication of professionals from any field, has compiled rating of the most popular employers of the world .

Of the two million companies were selected 100 of the best and desired for job seekers. Of course, it should be taken into account that this rating includes employers from any industry, and specialized industry ratings of LinkedIn may be more interesting to narrow specialists. It is noteworthy that the list of leaders in the IT sector.

We present to your attention the top ten ranking of the most demanded employers.

Table of Contents:

  • 10. The Coca-Cola Company
  • 9. McKinsey & Company
  • 8. Procter & Gamble
  • 7. Pepsico
  • 6. General Electric Company
  • 5. Unilever
  • 4. Facebook
  • 3. Microsoft
  • 2. Apple
  • 1. Google

10. The Coca-Cola Company

is an employer for 140,000 employees worldwide. And most workers are quite quite their own destiny. By the way, the best employees of Coca-Cola do business training not anywhere, but in Antarctica under the guidance of the famous polar explorer Robert Swan.

9. McKinsey & Company

is a consulting company represented in 52 countries, including Russia. McKinsey is the employer for 9 thousand employees. Requirements for applicants for vacant posts are quite high, because the organization's customers are two-thirds of the companies from the Fortune 1000 rating.

8. Procter & Gamble

is a favorite employer of 130,000 employees in 80 countries. In Russia, the company employs about 4,000 people. The image of P & G as a demanded employer has been shaken somewhat after the announcement in March 2012 of a planned reduction of more than 5,000 employees over the next 4 years.

7. Pepsico

- one of the largest companies in the ranking, it employs about 300 thousand people. The Russian representative office of Pepsico is 48 thousand jobs in 49 enterprises across the country.

6. General Electric Company

- one of the largest corporations in the world in terms of the number of employed employees is comparable to the Pepsico index. In Russia and the CIS, the company employed more than 3,200 people.

5. Unilever

is an employer for 150 thousand employees. For Russians, the company is one of the most demanded employers and the chances of finding a job are quite high, because our market is among the top ten for Unilever, represented in 180 countries.

4. Facebook

is an employer of dreams for many sufferers, because the company is famous for its high salaries. The Facebook staff includes about 3,200 people who work in the most comfortable conditions. So, in terms of the 19th office of the company there is a small green park for rest.

3. Microsoft

contains about 90 thousand people in the state. The Russian representative office of the company "sheltered" about a thousand employees. Many positions assume the receipt of a certain number of Microsoft shares, which become property after 5 years of conscientious work.

2. Apple

has a staff of 63 thousand employees, almost 60% of which work in the retail network of the corporation around the world. On the corporate website of the company in the vacancy section, special emphasis is placed on the fact that whatever position an employee holds, he will feel part of a huge company that is not like others.

1. Google

is the most popular employer in the version of LinkedIn. Fortunate people working for a transnational corporation are 54 thousand people. The Russian representative office of the company invites not only specialists in software development, but also specialists in sales, marketing, communications and legal support.