The best New Year gifts for a woman

The New Year is very close and it is now time to think about gifts for your relatives and friends. If you are looking for a New Year's gift for a woman, then pay attention to our list of the best solutions for this wonderful holiday.

We also made a list of what to present for the New 2015 year to parents, colleagues, a guy, a girl and a child.


  • 1. Jewelry
  • 2. Neck or foot massager
  • 3. Perfume set
  • 4. Reading pillow in bed
  • 5. Coffee machine
  • 6. Exclusive cosmetics
  • 7. Ladies' handbag
  • 8. Shoes
  • 9.Sets of clothes for sleep
  • 10. Mirror camera

1. Jewelry

If as a gift for the New Year you decided to give a woman jewelry, you can not doubt the correctness of their choice. Pendant, earrings, bracelet or a whole set of jewelry is a great gift for this holiday.

2. Massager for the neck or legs

Relax and relax after a hard day - that's what every woman dreams about. Give her a massager - this is one of the best ways to show maximum care and attention to a person close to you.

3. Perfume set

Gifts for the New Year are often associated with a perfume bottle, but do not stop there. Give your beloved a whole perfume set, which includes several types of products with pleasant fragrances. The kit can include not only perfume water and body cream, but also shampoo, shower gel, bath foam, SPA accessories.

4. Pillow for reading in bed

Read a book, watch TV, work at the computer, without getting out of bed and not harming the spine, a special pillow will help. It can be equipped with armrests or made of a material with a shape memory. This pillow will also be an ideal gift for pregnant and lactating women.

5. Coffee machine

One of the best gifts for the New Year, a woman can become a coffee machine, especially if she is very fond of coffee or tea. Modern models can also prepare other beverages, for example, cocoa, ice cocktails and various types of coffee.

6. Exclusive Cosmetics

Cosmetics are an excellent gift for the New Year for a woman who cares about her appearance. Ideal option will be a kit that includes everything you need for home use or in a compact form, then if you want, you can take it with you. Before choosing such a gift, try to find out what makeup the woman prefers, the type of her skin and the appropriate shades.

7. Lady's handbag

A quality designer bag will never leave any woman indifferent if you present such a gift for the New Year. Miniature or capacious, classic or catchy - the bag is always useful in a women's wardrobe.

8. Shoes

If your girlfriend is a fan of shoes, then a pair of quality shoes will definitely fit as a gift for her. And if you want to make a gift for the New Year to a girl who is engaged in sports, then the sneakers of well-known brands will be an excellent choice.

9. Sets of sleepwear

Night shirts, pajamas and light gowns made from pleasant body materials, allowing you to look and feel luxuriously, will please any woman.

10. Mirror camera

Another of the best gifts for the New Year for a woman - a mirror camera for beginners. Modern digital cameras allow you to make not only photos and videos, but also instantly share your footage with friends and family via email and social networks.

The products listed in the list can be found in different price categories, so you can safely say that these gift ideas for the new year will be a useful hint before the holiday. Successful shopping for you!