Best lawn grass - manufacturer rating

Before creating a lawn, you should ask yourself a few questions. Firstly, for what, in fact, do you need a lawn? For beauty? For sports games in the open air? Or for everything at once? Secondly, what are the conditions on the site intended for the lawn - sun, shadow, wet, dry, soil acidity high or low? And already proceeding from this, make a choice from the list of the best producers of lawn grass .

As a rule, only certain varieties of grasses are suitable for the Russian climatic zone. Therefore, before buying it is worth to carefully read the composition of the mixture and determine whether there are the following types: meadow grass, red fescue and ryegrass pasture. Sometimes they are added to the field( different kinds of it).Despite some paucity of the basic set, each species has a variety of varieties, differing in appearance, growth rate, resistance to lesions, and so on.

To qualitative mixtures for a lawn there are some requirements:

  1. they should take root quickly( and even on a nutrient-poor soil);
  2. after mowing grow slower, but at the same time the brightness of the color and the density should remain the same;
  3. is good at tolerating temperature changes typical for Russia;
  4. be resistant to diseases and pests.

If the lawn in your dacha is already grown, it's worthwhile to think about buying a lawnmower, we chose the best models for you:

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In Russia, five producers of herbal mixtures are most popular.


5. Green Meadow

  • 4. Liliput
  • 3. Green square
  • 2. Powerseed
  • 1. Terragrün
  • 5. Green Meadow

    Opens the rating of producers of quality grass mixtures for lawns American company Green Meadow. It is one of the most famous suppliers of a variety of plants in the US and in Europe. The assortment is rich, although it is worth remembering to the Russian gas enthusiast that a rare mixture will take root on Russian soil. The basis of the mixture is ryegrass for many years, it is very beautiful in appearance, but depressing. Ryragrass is a part of many mixtures, as its fastness of character will provide the lawn with a beautiful even color at the very beginning, and then give way to longer-living grasses. At the same time, he still tolerates frosts and dies at -15 and below. Residents of southern regions of Russia can enjoy its bright malachite color, but "Europeans" and Siberians should think hard.

    4. Liliput

    The mixture for lawn from "Liliput" is specially designed for the harsh Russian climate and is made as much as possible undemanding. This is a lawn for the lazy( or for those who can not work in the garden more than one day in a couple of weeks).The mixture from Liliput is based on meadow grass and four parts of different types of fescue. All varieties are very hardy and resistant to negative environmental factors - from temperature drops to illnesses.

    3. Green square

    Opens the top 3 best blends of lawn grass for another domestic manufacturer. From "Lilliput" is different as a lot of options, and a more favorable price. Although the difference in price begins to be felt at large scales, for example, if the lawn area starts from 50 m2 or more. There are mixtures specially designed for different climatic regions of Russia - from the subtropical zone of the Caucasus to the arid Lower Volga and severe Siberia.

    2. Powerseed

    Powerseed lawn mixtures are adapted to the western / central climatic conditions of the United States, therefore, suitable for central and southern regions of Russia. One of the most popular mixtures is for quick recovery of lawns. It is convenient that the old lawn should not be dug up, nor fertilized, nor regularly watered. It just grows by itself - what more do you need?

    1. Terragrün

    One of the distinguishing features of Terragrün is its own mixtures, in which wild-growing species and cultivated varieties are mixed in various proportions. At the same germination of German skilled craftsmen reaches 95%( one of the highest indicators in the market).A wide range of products will help create a lawn not only in the favorable climatic conditions of southern Russia, but also in other, colder regions.

    The varieties "Universal", "Canada-Green", "Golf-Master" are very popular on the market. By the way, the latter, despite the specialized name, is actually very stable and looks great in the lawn. The only drawback - requires a good drainage system, as it does not tolerate freezing of the soil and may die.