The most fluffy cats in the world( Top 5 breeds)

Most cats are covered with fluffy wool( except for "bare" breeds, such as the Canadian Sphynx, Ukrainian lewk and others).However, some breeds of cats are more fluffy than others. And the owners of "purr" with a silky coat are not easy. They need to accustom their pets to a comb or a brush to avoid the appearance of coils. Cat's coat becomes an indispensable attribute of clothing and furniture owners. But all the shortcomings overshadow the pleasure when stroking a long-haired mustached friend.

We present to you the top 5 most fluffy cats according to the Association of Cat Lovers - an international organization engaged in breeding and breeding new breeds of "purse".


  • 5. Siberian cat
  • 4. Ragdoll
  • 3. Norwegian forest cat
  • 2. Maine-kun
  • 1. Persian cat

5. Siberian cat

Severe weather conditions in Siberia( a lot of snow, severe frosts and piercing wind) contributed tothe Siberian cat has a dense and long coat that does not allow moisture. And their "fluffy tail" "Siberians", as a rule, are held high and with pride. The advantage of this breed is hypoallergenic fur. Due to this feature of Siberian cats can keep many people who are allergic to other breeds.

4. Ragdoll

The animals of this breed show great interest in communicating with their owners. They often run to greet the host or mistress when he or she returns from work, and then follows the person around the house. The long coat of cats is plush and silky to the touch, and needs minimal care. Thanks to the love of people and the calm attitude to any action towards oneself, ragdoll is the ideal pet for families with children.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

The luxurious wool cover of a Norwegian forest cat is thick enough to allow it to survive in the harsh conditions of Norwegian winters. These cats are moderately active, sensitive and intelligent, and their hair does not require daily care, unlike other representatives of semi-long-haired cats. It will be enough to have a weekly combing, with a little extra attention in the spring time.

2. Maine Coon

The second place in the rating of the most furry cats of the world belongs to the aboriginal breed, which originated from cats that live on farms in the US state of Maine. Maine coons are known for their long, shaggy hair with a thick undercoat, friendly character, and large sizes. Weight of males can reach 12 kilograms, and females - 8 kilograms. The fur on the head and shoulders of Maine Coons is short, except for the collar, and on the stomach, back and sides is long. A special pride is a long, very fluffy tail.

1. Persian cat

The list of the most furry breeds of cats is headed by a Persian breed. Probably the most famous in the world, thanks to its long( up to 12 centimeters) and soft hairline and affectionate, phlegmatic nature. Their pleasant to the touch coat requires daily care to prevent tangles and the appearance of lumps of wool."Persians" are called "sofa" cats for a calm character, however in games these fur coats can be very mobile.