Top 5 best non-alcoholic cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktails are designed to quench thirst, but their huge variety can decorate any party, especially in the summer heat. These are lemonades, smoothies, neck, fruit and fizzy. They please not only children, but also adults, and the abundance of seasonal fruits allows you to independently invent your own recipes every day.
However, there are classic, long-loved recipes that consistently enter top-5 of the best non-alcoholic cocktails .


  • 5. Virgin Mary
  • 4. Lemon Egg of the feet
  • 3. Classic lemonade
  • 2. "Mint cloud"
  • 1.Child alcohol "Champagne"

5. Virgin Mary

This is a non-alcoholic version of "Bloody Mary", very tasty,an acute and nutritious vegetable cocktail, which can become an original and hearty lunch or afternoon snack. To make it in 300 ml of tomato juice add to the taste of Wurskershire sauce and Tabasco, a teaspoon of horseradish and a quarter of a lemon juice( can be substituted for a half of lime).All this is sprinkled with salt and black pepper and shaken with ice. This cocktail is decorated with a stick of celery. For lunch you can serve it with a slice of black bread.

4. Lemon Egg of Legs

Egg of Legs is a classic cocktail that is served in English-speaking countries for Christmas. But it's more popular than its main recipe, but a refreshing lemon.
He will need two eggs for him, 200 ml of cherry and pineapple juice, sugar, mint leaves and lemon slices. Egg yolks are beaten with sugar until the foam and mixed with pineapple juice. Separately whisk with sugar proteins, which are mixed with cherry juice. At the bottom of the glass put shredded lemon slices, and then pour in the cherry mixture first, and then carefully on the pineapple knife. The cocktail is decorated with mint and a slice of lemon.
In the main recipe to the beaten eggs add sugar syrup, vanilla extract, ground cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. And then, constantly whipping this mixture, gradually add to it 600 ml of milk.

3. Classic lemonade

People always drink invigorating lemonade for more than one hundred years. And now it can be called the most refreshing non-alcoholic drink.
For his traditional cooking, you need a peeled lemon and an orange, which should be cut into cubes and folded into a decanter. After this mass you need to shave a little before the appearance of juice and add a sprig of fresh mint. Directly, a little boiling water is poured into the carafe and sugar syrup is added. All this is covered with ice and filled with water to a volume of 1 liter. When serving a drink you can decorate a slice of strawberry or orange.

2. "Mint Cloud"

This milkshake is especially liked by children and women for its tenderness and flavor of ice cream. It is very nutritious, because it is served as an independent dish in snack or mid-morning snack. Can replace and a modest breakfast in the summer heat.
To prepare one serving, you will need 100 ml of milk and regular milk ice cream or a filling, as well as 20 ml of mint syrup, a sprig of mint and whipped cream.
First in the blender you need to beat ice cream, milk and syrup. Pouring this mixture into a glass, it is decorated with cream and a sprig of mint and served to the table.

1. Non-alcoholic "Champagne"

The absolute leader among non-alcoholic cocktails is "Champagne" for friends. It can become the main drink of a "dry" party or perfectly quench your thirst on the beach.
For its preparation take six lemons, two red apples, 75 grams of sugar, two liters of chilled apple juice and a liter of carbonated mineral water, mint leaves.
First sugar is dissolved in lemon juice, freshly squeezed out of lemons. To do this, the juice is gradually heated on fire. After dissolving the sugar, the juice is cooled.
The apples should be removed from the core, and slices should be cut into small pieces. Mix the juice, carbonated water and syrup, and then pour apples into a common vessel and put mint leaves. After cooling the drink, it is poured over glasses and served with ice.