The longest wars in history

In the history of mankind, a huge place is occupied by various wars. Many times people came across battles for their people. Some wars lasted only a few minutes, while others lasted for decades. There is even one that went for more than a century. But about all in order. Let's start with those that lasted not so long time, and we will end with the longest war in the history of mankind.

10. The Vietnam War.

It lasted for 14 years from 1961 to 1975.The war was between the US and Vietnam. In the United States, it is considered the darkest spot in history. And in Vietnam - a tragic and heroic event. One side fought for the independence of Vietnam, the other for its unification. The war ended with a mutually beneficial agreement between the countries.

9. Great Northern War.

There was a northern war for 21 years. It was between the northern states and Sweden( 1700-1721).The meaning of the struggle is the Baltic lands. I lost in the battle Sweden.

8. Thirty Years' War.

Religious clashes of various European countries, including even Russia. Switzerland in this conflict has stayed on the sidelines. A war broke out between Catholics and Protestants in Germany. But later it evolved into a huge struggle of the countries of Europe. As a result of the war, the Westphalian world was concluded in international relations.

7. The Indonesian war.

The battle between Holland and Indonesia for the independence of the second country. The war lasted 31 years, and cost both sides terribly huge losses of people and various destructions. The result of the war was the independence of Indonesia.

6. Wars of scarlet and white roses.

It was included in a series of civil wars, continuing from 1455 to 1487.This 33-year struggle between the nobility of England. There were two branches of the Lancasters-Plantagents and Yorkie. They fought for full power in England. The branch of Lancaster-Plantagents won. Battles have brought many sacrifices, destruction and disasters. Many representatives of the aristocracy died.

5. Guatemalan War.

36-year war between the troops of Guatemala and Honduras. The conflict involved the problems of ancient times between the people of Maya and the Spanish researchers in relation to land and man. The war was somewhat delayed and ended after the signing of the Guatemalan peace treaty. This treaty served as a protection of the rights of 23 groups of Indians in the country.

4. Punic war.

The battles lasted 43 years. They are divided into three stages of wars between Rome and Carthage. They fought for power in the Mediterranean. In the battle, the Romans conquered.

3. Greco-Persian War.

The fifty-year battle between Persia and the Greeks. It was even before our era, from 499 to 449 years. Greek states defended their independence. The Greeks won the battle.

2. The Peloponnesian War.

This war lasted 73 years. It was a military conflict between Athens and Sparta. They had different contradictions. In Sparta there was an oligarchy when in Athens there was a democracy. Also everything rested on the difference between the peoples of states. During the war, a peace treaty was concluded, which in a short time violated and the Spartans won.

1. Hundred Years' War.

The conflict between France and England, which lasted for 116 years from 1337 to 1453.The war began with England, seeking to regain Men, Normandy and Anjou. Also, the English kings wanted to gain control of the French throne. During the war, the people also joined the struggle for their country. There were many losses from both sides. During the battles, firearms appeared. During the war, England was defeated, not only not having obtained the lands it claimed, but also losing its possessions.