Oil production by countries of the world( map + table)

Earlier on the site it was told about the largest exporters and importers of oil. As for the countries that are leading in terms of oil production, among them there is, quite logically, both the largest exporters( Saudi Arabia, Russia) and the largest importers such as the US and China. At first glance, it may seem strange why the US and China should buy oil while they produce it in large quantities, but if we take into account the powerful economies of these countries, it becomes clear that they lack their own resources.
Next is a map from the World Fact Book of the CIA, which clearly shows the leaders and outsiders of oil production in the world, as well as a table from the Energy Information Administration( an independent agency within the US federal statistical system responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on energy andenergy), which includes 15 countries that are leading in oil production( most of these countries are in OPEC - the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries).The data in the table for 2012.More recent data, unfortunately, has not yet been published.

World oil production map

15 place. Norway - 1.902 million barrels per day( the American oil barrel is 159 liters).

14 place. Qatar - 2.033 million barrels per day. Oil revenues of this small country in terms of per capita allow it to occupy the first place among the richest countries in the world.

13 place. Venezuela - 2.489 million barrels per day.

12 place. Nigeria - 2.524 million barrels per day.

11th place. Brazil - 2.652 million barrels per day.

10 place. Kuwait - 2.797 million barrels per day.

9 place. Mexico - 2.936 million barrels per day.

8th place. Iraq - 2.987 million barrels per day.

7 place. United Arab Emirates - 3.213 million barrels per day.

6 place. Iran - 3.518 million barrels a day.

5 place. Canada - 3.856 million barrels per day.

4 place. China - 4.372 million barrels per day.

3 place. Russia - 10.397 million barrels per day. The graph shows that the volume of oil production in Russia in recent years has steadily increased, providing the country with an influx of petrodollars. However, in 2014, with its fall in oil prices and the subsequent collapse of the ruble against most of the world's currencies, it showed that the Russian economy depends too much on the level of oil prices in the world market.

Oil production in Russia in 1992-2013

2 place. US - 11.119 million barrels per day. In the collapse of oil prices in 2014, the main role was played by the increase in oil production in the United States and the creation of large oil products in the country, which made the US less dependent on imports of "black gold."The site bloomberg.com is pleased to note that now the US does not need large purchases of oil from countries such as Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela.

Schedule from bloomberg.com, which shows the volume of US oil imports from Russia, Venezuela and Nigeria in 2009-2014

Saudi Arabia, which produces 11.726 million barrels per day, is in 1 place.