The world's most dictatorial countries, 2015 rating

A dictatorship means a significant reduction or total absence of political and civil liberties in a country due to the concentration of power in the hands of one person or a group of individuals. And the word "dictator" itself became synonymous with gross violations of human rights and cruelty.

We present to you the world's most dictatorial countries .The rating is made on the basis of the data of the entertainment site Hubpages.


5. Zimbabwe

  • 4. Equatorial Guinea
  • 3. Saudi Arabia
  • 2. North Korea
  • 1. Sudan
  • 5. Zimbabwe

    Opens the rating of modern states with the most brutal dictatorial regime. After the successful start of the anti-colonial liberation war, Robert Mugabe was elected the first president of the independent republic of Zimbabwe, but over the years he increasingly emphasized his dictatorial tendencies. The Mugabe government is criticized both domestically and internationally for torture and murder of 70,000 people, 70% unemployment rate and 500% inflation rate. His regime is infiltrated by violence and intolerance. Zimbabwe passed laws against homosexuals, and a "black redistribution" was carried out - the forcible removal of land from white citizens with the transfer of their farms to landless peasants and war veterans.

    4. Equatorial Guinea

    Among the most dictatorial countries in the world is a tiny state in West Africa run by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Equatorial Guinea, with its 500,000 inhabitants, was of no interest to the world, until huge oil reserves were discovered on its shelf in its territorial waters in 1991.However, from this 60% of the inhabitants of Guinea is neither cold nor hot, they live on $ 1 a day. Teodoro Obiang puts the bulk of the oil profit in his bank account. The dictator said that in his country there is no poverty, just the people are used to living differently. In Guinea, there is no public transport or newspapers, and only 1% of government spending is spent on health.

    3. Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world where for many decades there have never been at least formal elections of the ruler. King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz since 2015.Unmarried adult women can not travel, work or receive medical procedures without the permission of a male guardian from close relatives. They are not allowed even to drive a car.

    The kingdom applies the death penalty, torture and extrajudicial arrests. The police of morals even prohibit the sale of Barbie, since this doll is a symbol of the decline and depravity of the West.

    2. North Korea

    Kim Jong-un, the son of Kim Jong Il, is on the second place in the list of the world's most brutal dictators. He became the dictator of North Korea in 2011, the day after the death of his father. A brilliant comrade( one of the official titles of a North Korean leader) was originally supposed to rule the country together with Uncle Chang Sung Taek. However, in December 2013, the uncle was accused of high treason and executed.

    It is estimated that 150,000 people in the country are engaged in forced labor in camps created to punish alleged political dissidents and their families, as well as citizens fleeing the country to China, but issued by the Chinese government.

    1. Sudan

    In the top 5 in the world's most dictatorial countries 2015 is the largest African state. It is headed by President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir. He came to power after a military coup, and immediately suspended the constitution, abolished the Legislative Assembly and banned political parties and trade unions. The dictator has always insisted that the life of the people should be regulated by the Sharia, even in Southern Sudan, with its predominantly Christian population.

    Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is notorious for organizing massacres of black citizens during the conflict in Darfur. Due to the civil war in Southern Sudan, between the black and Arab population, more than 2.7 million people became refugees. In 2009, the International Criminal Court issued for the first time in its history the warrant for the arrest of the incumbent head of state. To this, al-Bashir, accused of crimes against humanity and military atrocities, replied that those who issued this warrant can eat it.