Top 5 warm countries with cheap real estate

The modern real estate market is just teeming with elite apartments and villas in the most popular resorts. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. However, a number of cities and warm countries, where you can buy a "resort" property at a democratic price, is still present.


  • 1. Margarita Island
  • 2. Dominican Republic
  • 3. Calabria( Italy)
  • 4. Panama
  • 5. Turkey

1. Margarita Island

Located on the territory of Venezuela, it is one of the most democratic options for buying real estate. The average two-room apartment here will cost the potential buyer about 80 000 euros. However, given that the sale of real estate on the island is active, experts predict a further increase in the cost of local housing.

2. Dominican Republic

Another democratic option for housing on the Caribbean coast is the Dominican Republic. On the territory of this country you can buy either an apartment or a villa, or a small apartment. In addition, communal payments for Dominican housing are relatively inexpensive, and even accommodation( Internet, food, travel) costs not so much money.

3. Calabria( Italy)

This small Italian town can not be excluded from the market of affordable beach real estate! Not to mention the fact that most of the houses are. .. right on the beach. The average apartment with one bedroom area of ​​70 squares will cost about 70,000 euros.

4. Panama

Low prices, mild climate, rich infrastructure, light visa regime - this is far from a complete list of "pluses" and reasons for acquiring a real estate object in Panama. In addition, the economic situation here is clearly on the rise: in 2014, it is planned to complete work to increase the capacity of the Panama Canal, which will increase the inflow of foreign capital into the country.

5. Turkey

Many people know this warm country as a territory with a mild tropical climate and a favorite vacation spot for Russians. However, the country's peculiarities are not limited to this - one can buy real estate in Turkey at a rather low price of .For example, a good two-room apartment can cost even less than 50 000 euros.