Rating of the countries of the world in terms of gender equality

Every year, experts of the analytical group of the World Economic Forum make a rating of the countries of the world on the level of gender equality .To determine whether women and men are equal in their rights and opportunities, 14 different indicators are used.

In 2012, the survey covered 135 countries. Russia occupies only the 59th line of the rating. Experts believe that in our country women do not have sufficient influence in economic and political life, they have less career opportunities and lower wages. The last line in the ranking is Yemen.

In our dozen, the countries that have taken the leading positions on gender equality are represented.


10. Switzerland

  • 9. Nicaragua
  • 8. Philippines
  • 7. Denmark
  • 6. New Zealand
  • 5. Ireland
  • 4. Sweden
  • 3. Norway
  • 2. Finland
  • 1. Iceland
  • 10. Switzerland

    Surprisingly, but until 1961 it was Switzerland that remained the last European republic where women did not have the right to vote. Obviously, over the past years, women have made significant progress in terms of equality - Evelin Widmer-Schlumpf was elected president of the country for the third time in a row in 2011.

    9. Nicaragua

    No other state in Central and South America demonstrates such gender equality as Nicaragua. Women here actively participate in public life - in the parliament about 20% of seats are occupied by ladies.

    8. Philippines

    Until 2010, the country was headed by a female president. Despite the fact that all over the world the Filipinos are considered humble and submissive, in their homeland they have enough rights on a par with men. Just wisely prefer not to state everywhere about equality of the sexes.

    7. Denmark

    The charming Helle Thorning-Schmitt has been the Prime Minister of the country since 2011.And Queen Margrethe II is the head of this monarchical state since 1972.So, with regard to Denmark, we can say that in this country, men are more likely to express concern about gender equality.

    6. New Zealand

    The share of women in the cabinet of the country is almost 30%, in the parliament - 33%.By the way, New Zealand - one of the rare countries where the number of men is almost equal to the number of women.

    5. Ireland

    Women in the government of the country about a fifth. The local ladies got the right to vote in 1918.Today, the Irish are considered in Europe much more emancipated than the natives of neighboring Britain.

    4. Sweden

    Nordic countries are traditionally known for their gender equality. In the history of Sweden there is an unprecedented fact, when from 1718 to 1771 the country introduced a suffrage for women. Today in the Swedish Parliament, 44% of women, in addition, 45% of government members also belong to the beautiful half of humanity.

    3. Norway

    In the government of the country, more than half of the ministers are women, while the supreme positions are held by men. The level of wages for men and women varies, but insignificantly - the average difference is less than a thousand Euros per year.

    2. Finland

    Finnish women started fighting for gender equality as part of the Russian Empire. It was the Grand Duchy of Finland that became the first region of a huge power, where in 1907 a suffrage for women was introduced. Today, the share of women in the country's parliament is 40%, in the government - 63%.Until March 2012, the President of the Republic was Tarja Halonen, who held this post for 12 years.

    1. Iceland

    This northern country has become the leader of the World Ranking for Gender Equality .As in New Zealand, the number of men and women in the country's population is approximately equal in all age groups. Currently, the head of state is a man, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the head of the government is a woman, Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir.