The most drinkable and sober regions of Russia, the rating of 2016

Since ancient times, people have been practicing to change the state of consciousness. To one of these practices is the use of alcohol. It is not difficult to imagine the rationale for the very first experience with alcohol - curiosity. Perhaps one of our ancestors ate the fermented fruit and felt a pleasant sensation that aroused his curiosity. Curiosity and nowadays is a common reason to try alcohol.

The organization "Sober Russia" and the Expert-Analytical Center under the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation determined the most curious. .. that is, the most drinking regions of Russia. It turned out that the inhabitants of Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria are the least affected by the green snake charms. According to Natalia Milchakova, deputy director of the analytical department of Alpari, low alcohol consumption in the North Caucasus republics is explained by the wide spread of Islam.

And most of all they like to "lay for the collar" in the Magadan region, Chukotka autonomous region, Komi, Amur and Perm regions.

Sobriety rating of subjects of Russia 2016

Compared to 2015, employees of Sober Russia significantly expanded the number of criteria on which the rating was prepared. The criteria included:

  • the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning;
  • number of alcoholics;
  • number of crimes that were committed by drunk persons.

Last year, when the top sobriety was created for the first time, the compilers took into account only the volume of sales of vodka and beer. And in 2016, they added: cognac products, champagne, wine, mead, liqueur and other alcohol-containing drinks.

Readers can ask a reasonable question: to whom and for what in general is the rating of the most sober and most drinking regions of the Russian Federation required? There are three reasons for this.

  1. The researchers were tasked to contribute to more effective implementation of government policies to reduce the abuse of alcohol and alcoholism among Russians.
  2. Also rating can help more efficient regulation of the alcohol market.
  3. Rating will be useful in assessing the activities of heads of regions. According to Sultan Khamzayev, head of Sobriety Russia, the list can help to find out how well officials are working to improve the health of citizens and the social climate of the subjects of the Russian Federation.