The most reading countries of the world

According to the international rating of the World Culture Score Index, most book lovers live in Asia. Russia is closer to the end of the rating. The average Russian reads only 2 hours more per week than the average US resident.

Today we offer the top ten, which included the world's most widely read .All states are ranked by the number of hours per week spent reading books.


  • 10. Hungary( 6 hr. 48 min.)
  • 8.-9.Sweden( 6 hours 54 minutes)
  • 8.-9.France( 6 hours 54 minutes)
  • 7. Russia( 7 h 06 min.)
  • 6. Czech Republic( 7 h. 24 min.)
  • 5. Egypt( 7 h. 30 min.)
  • 4. Philippines( 7 hours 36 minutes)
  • 3. China( 8 hours)
  • 2. Thailand( 9 hours 24 minutes)
  • 1. India( 10 hrs 42 min.)

10. Hungary( 6 hours 48 mins.)

In Hungary, one of the most developed in Europe public library systems. Attraction to the culture of reading takes place in the country from the youngest age - children's libraries are not only places for storing books, but also leisure centers that are visited by the whole family.

8.-9.Sweden( 6 hours 54 minutes)

Sweden presented the world with Astrid Lindgren and Tuve Jansson. Little Swedes are happy to read stories about Carlson, Pippi Longstocking and mummies-trolls. The books about the history of the country, especially the Viking period, are very popular.

8.-9.France( 6 hours 54 min.)

French literature is famous for the names of Flaubert, Moliere, Balzac, Maupassant, Proust. However, the modern French actively read modern literature. The same. Who prefers the classic, among the favorite books are often called the works of Russian writers - Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky.

7. Russia( 7 h 06 min.)

The list of favorite authors of the Russian reader is very different. According to the polls, our compatriots are equally fond of Turgenev, Gogol, Swift, Dumas, Akunin, Lukyanenko, Cervantes and Tolstoy.

6. Czech Republic( 7 hours 24 min.)

Czechs are very actively promoting reading among children - books in Czech are published very colorful, often with elements of the game. The most popular character of children's literature is the mole, he is familiar to the Russians for the cartoon film "How the Mole Stitched Sashes".Adult Czechs prefer the books of J. Hasek, Tolkien, S. Mayer.

5. Egypt( 7 hours 30 min.)

Absolute leadership in the country belongs to religious literature. Art books are read by about 29% of the population, another 10% prefer political literature, which is explained by the unstable situation in the region.

4. Philippines( 7 hours 36 min.)

Small Filipinos are happy to read national fairy tales. Ubiquitous knowledge of the English language contributes to the wide dissemination of English literature in the country.

3. China( 8 hours)

The list of Chinese bestsellers - books on the history of China, the works of Mao, as well as historical historical novels about the period of the XII-XVIII centuries. Of the number of translated works in Chinese bookstores, Steve Jobs's biography does not lie.

2. Thailand( 9 hours 24 min.)

Thais are very fond of poetry. Among the most popular authors Angkarn Kalayanapong, writing in modern language, as well as Naowoat Fongbaibun, whose poems resemble the traditional style.

1. India( 10 hrs 42 min.)

The most widely read country in the world is known for its original rich literature. Indians are happy to read both in Indian and English. By the way, Solzhenitsyn's work is quite popular in the country.