Rating of the most technologically advanced countries

Many countries around the world use scientific and technical inventions to improve the quality of life of their citizens. We present you the rating of the countries that are leading in terms of the number of innovative technologies implemented in life. The list was compiled from the online edition of Richestlifestyle.


  • 12. China
  • 11. Netherlands
  • 10. Singapore
  • 9. Canada
  • 8. England
  • 7. Finland
  • 6. Russia
  • 5. Germany
  • 4. Israel
  • 3. South Korea
  • 2. United States
  • 1Japan

12. China

Compass and gunpowder were invented in this country. Now Chinese scientists are known for their developments in the field of robotics, semiconductors, supercomputers, they conduct genetic studies and build high-speed trains. Also, China is actively developing the space program.

11. Netherlands

Homeland of pendulum clocks, telescopes, microscopes, compact discs and artificial kidney. In the Netherlands, research is being conducted in the field of telecommunications systems, computers, electronic measurement systems and instrumentation. The country produces high-quality medical and laboratory equipment.

10. Singapore

This country is widely known for its high-tech infrastructure. Here is the fastest Internet in the world,( from 1 Gb / s) and every resident has at least one smartphone.

9. Canada

The Government of Canada has launched a program to improve the quality of life of citizens through the introduction of the latest advances in science and technology. Two percent of GDP is invested in research and development. The country specializes in biotechnology and space research, is also home to wireless devices and supersonic aircraft with two engines.

8. England

The first country in the world to make the transition to industrialization. English scientists have discovered steam, electric and jet engines, thermonuclear reaction, incandescent lamps and created a worldwide computer network.

7. Finland

For many years, the Finnish company Nokia was the leader in the mobile device market. Now the country is actively pursuing developments in the biological sciences, energy and environmental technologies, as well as health.

6. Russia

Russian scientists are the first in the world to launch a satellite into space, but in addition to space areas, the country has something to be proud of. Russia - one of the main players in the market of heavy engineering and military technology.

5. Germany

Widely known for its automotive industry, which includes such giants as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Porsche. German specialists have made many discoveries in the field of nanotechnology, and spending on research is a significant part of the country's budget.

4. Israel

35% of the country's total exports are exported by high technology. Israel is among the top five leaders in space research. Israel also cares about ecology: it is one of the first states where alternative sources of fuel are widely used. Throughout the country there are service stations for electric vehicles.

3. South Korea

The homeland of such technological giants as LG, Hyundai and Samsung. Korean specialists have made many discoveries in the field of robotics, and the average speed of the Internet in Korea is three times higher than in the United States.

2. US

Scientists of this country created an atomic bomb and sent the first person to the moon. Space and pharmaceutical research, military technology, the latest developments in the field of telecommunications systems and military technology - all these areas in America are paid close attention. The homeland of many companies that have changed the world, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM and Microsoft.

1. Japan

headed the top 12 of the most technologically advanced countries of 2015 .Japanese scientists have contributed to the automotive and electronics industries, engineering, semiconductor technology and industrial robotics. To reduce dependence on fuel imports, 34% of the nation's electricity needs are covered by nuclear power plants.