The most prosperous countries in the world, the index Legatum Institute

The London-based research institute Legatum Institute has released its annual rating of the most prosperous countries in the world .When compiled, 104 factors were taken into account: traditional: how rich the country is, the per capita gross domestic product and the number of people working full-time, and more interesting figures, such as the number of secure Internet servers the country has, andthen how well-rested the citizens of the country feel( on a daily basis).

These factors were then reduced to nine subindexes: the quality of the economy, the business environment, power, education, health, security and safety, personal freedom, social capital, and the state of the environment.

In the rating hit 149 countries, and Russia got 95 lines, next to Nepal and Moldova. And here are the top 10 most prosperous countries in the world.


  • 10. United Kingdom
  • 9. Denmark
  • 8. Sweden
  • 7. Netherlands
  • 6. Australia
  • 5. Canada
  • 4. Switzerland
  • 3. Finland
  • 2. Norway
  • 1. New Zealand

10. United Kingdom

Despiteon Brexit, Great Britain made a leap in the index of happiness, rising from the fifteenth place that it occupied in 2015, and also entered the top 10 countries in terms of the level of charity.

9. Denmark

Scandinavia has a very high standard of living, and ninth place Denmark is in fact the least prosperous country in the region.

8. Sweden

Slightly above its neighbor Denmark, Sweden ranks third in the subindex of the quality of the economy, as well as the fifth in the field of management, but still fell to the eighth place overall, compared to the fifth in 2015.

7. The Netherlands

This country has an excellent education system( second in the corresponding subindex), and a healthy economy( second in the subindex of the quality of the economy).But on the state of the environment the Netherlands occupies 36th place. The country occupies one of the leading places in the rating of the quality of gasoline all over the world.

6. Australia

Known for its laid-back lifestyle and good weather, Australia ranked second in the social capital subindex, which helped it to rise to one place compared with the 2015 prosperity rating.

5. Canada

A much more prosperous country than its northern neighbor, a bulwark of democracy, taking 17th place. Canada takes the third place in the subindex of social capital and business environment, as well as the second place in the subindex of personal freedom of citizens.

4. Switzerland

Silent, rich and cleanest country Switzerland is famous for its education( first among other countries from the top 10 most prosperous), as well as excellent medical care. She is the third in the subindex of the health system.

3. Finland

The most prosperous of the countries in the north of Europe. Finland has the best leadership in the world, according to the Legatum Institute.

2. Norway

For seven consecutive years, Norway ranked first in the list of the most prosperous countries on Earth, but in 2016 it lost this title, losing it to number one in the ranking.

1. New Zealand

Officially the most prosperous state in the world according to the results of the Legatum Institute research, New Zealand ranks first in the sub-indices of social capital and quality of the economy and second places in the sub-indices of the business environment and power. The Good Index Country named New Zealand one of the best countries in the world in 2016.

The trend towards increased global prosperity has been demonstrated in countries of Western Europe, Latin and Central America and in Asian countries, through improved health and education.

However, the picture is not universally positive. The growth of the "Islamic state", "Al-Qaeda" and other terrorist groups after the Arab spring had a sharp restriction on the growth of prosperity in the Middle East.

And the Western world is not immune from problems. American prosperity is stagnating over the past decade. Even in countries that have not suffered so much from the financial crisis( for example, Australia), there has been a decline in prosperity over the past decade.