World charity rating of 2016 countries

For seven years in a row, the charity fund Charity Aid Foundation has been making a rating of the global charity .In 2016 140 countries got into it. They are estimated by averaging the percentage of people in each country who donated money to charity, worked as volunteers or helped strangers in the previous month. To obtain the relevant reports, residents of the countries participating in the rating were interviewed in the Gallup World Poll study.

Russia is on this list on the 126th place, Belarus( 100th place) and Ukraine( 106th place) outstripped it. And the least generous state in the world was China.

We represent you the top-10 most generous and kind countries.


  • 10. United Arab Emirates
  • 9. Ireland
  • 8. United Kingdom
  • 7. Indonesia
  • 6. Canada
  • 5. Sri Lanka
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 3. Australia
  • 2. United States
  • 1. Myanmar

10.United Arab Emirates

Charitable activities in this country are aimed at spreading religious culture and helping needy Muslims. In the UAE is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world - the Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum Foundation. And in 2015, a billionaire from the Al Gurire family donated one-third of his fortune( it is $ 6.4 billion) to philanthropic purposes.

9. Ireland

Irishmen are good not only in good beer and whiskey, but also in helping other people. In this small country on every corner there are ads of charity evenings, money collections for various good deeds, as well as a lot of charity shops( charity shops) that accept things for those in need, and receive profits for charity.

8. United Kingdom

69% of the British respondents said that they donated money to charity. In 2015, 75% of respondents said this. In addition, 61% of the British helped strangers( compared to 63% last year), and 33% volunteered, compared with 32% in the 2015 charity rating. Nevertheless, despite the decline in the number of philanthropists, the UK maintains its position as one of the best countries in the world and the most generous in Europe.

7. Indonesia

This developing country is in third place among the most philanthropic countries in Asia. And let the level of well-being of its inhabitants is low, with sincerity and a desire to help their neighbor they are all more than good.

6. Canada

Sixth "overall" Canada is the second of the most generous countries in North America.

5. Sri Lanka

Some of the most generous countries in the world are among the most disadvantaged. Among them is Sri Lanka. Tsunami there - a habit. However, the worst thing happened in 2004, when waves of 15 meters high like giant tongues "lapped" into the ocean the settlements of the Lankans located along the coast. Human sacrifices amounted to 40 to 60 thousand people. In many ways dependent on the favors of nature, the inhabitants of the island are sensitive to each other, helping as much as possible.

4. New Zealand

Together with "neighbor" Australia, this country is one of the most generous corners of the Earth.71% of respondents reported donations to various charities, 61% provided unhelpful assistance to strangers, and 44% of New Zealanders were volunteers.

3. Australia

There are Australians who support charity in original ways. For example, the Australian firefighters starred for a charity calendar, revealing their muscular torsos. The admiring audience appreciated it, and the funds raised through the sale of the calendar( more than 1.3 million dollars) went to help children's hospitals.

2. US

The country of freedom and democracy has maintained its second place in the ranking, with a total score of 61%.About three-quarters of Americans( 73%) reported that at least once they helped a stranger, 46% were volunteers, and 63% donated funds to various charities.

1. Myanmar

The longstanding leader of the rating of the most generous states of the world. Myanmar's first place is largely due to the high level of participation in charity events( 91%) and volunteerism( 55%), although there is an increase in the proportion of people helping strangers( 63%).In this country the population adheres to the school of Buddhism called "Theravada".She encourages donations to those who lead a monastic life. This practice is known as Sangha Dana. Charity thus carries a significant religious meaning and small frequent acts of charity are the norm for the people of Myanmar.

The world charity rating is unique to the topics of that it considers factors that do not directly correlate with the economic development or the standard of the life index of a particular country, but are important in determining attitudes toward charity on an individual basis. It is interesting to note that traditional or religious customs can affect this rating more than economic prosperity.