Top 10 countries for autumn 2013 vacation

Leave in autumn has many advantages. At popular resorts it is not so crowded, lovers of beach holidays can enjoy the beginning of the velvet season, and admirers of excursion programs - to appreciate the absence of scorching heat.

In today's compilation we have included our own Top-10 countries for the autumn holiday .Here there is an option for every taste and purse, so that rest in the autumn of 2013 became truly unforgettable.


10. Turkey

  • 9. Egypt
  • 8. Maldives
  • 7. Countries of Europe
  • 6. United Arab Emirates
  • 5. Thailand
  • 4. India
  • 3. Ukraine - Crimea
  • 2. United States
  • 1. Morocco
  • 10. Turkey

    The traditional tourist destination for most Russians does not lose its popularity until the middle of October. Almost the whole of September lasts a season, both on the Mediterranean and on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Later it is better to choose at such resorts as Alanya or North Cyprus.

    9. Egypt

    Holidays in Egypt in the fall of 2013 can be one of the most economical options. Political turmoil in the country led to an outflow of tourists. However, there is a high probability that by the end of the autumn all the unrest will subside, and the Russians will be able to enjoy a quality rest on the Red Sea. By the way, in November the daytime temperature in the country fluctuates around +26 degrees, and the water temperature is +25.

    8. Maldives

    Especially favorable for a luxurious holiday season begins in the Maldives in late October. When the residents of the central part of Russia are preparing to meet the first frosts, vacationers on paradise islands enjoy the bright sun and water, the temperature of which reaches +27 degrees.

    7. European countries

    September and October are a great time to visit Europe. In September, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland are especially good. In October, the heat in Greece, Italy and Spain is dropping. And fans of beer should never miss the Oktoberfest in Germany. Rest in Europe in autumn is perfect for those who do not like the crowd - the local population returns to work, and millions of tourists go home.

    6. UAE

    In Russia, November is one of the wettest and dank months of the year. But in the Emirates, the scorching summer heat recedes and the tourist season begins. Therefore, the second half of autumn is the time to break free from damp and cloudy days, to look at breathtaking sights, to pass through the world's highest barkhans of the Ras Al Khaimah desert, to plunge into the tender sea.

    5. Thailand

    It is November - one of the most comfortable months for visits to Thailand. A magnificent holiday in the autumn by the sea, surrounded by Asian exoticism, attracts thousands of tourists here, starting from the middle of October. The air temperature during the day is slightly above 30 degrees, well, the sea warms up to +27.

    4. India

    Autumn is the end of the rainy season in India. It's time for active rest, fun parties on the beaches of Goa and exotic excursions. Tours to India are traditionally characterized by a low price, despite a fairly long flight from most of Russia.

    3. Ukraine - Crimea

    Such a close and habitual for Russians Crimea in the fall opens the velvet season. Local residents note that rains are not uncommon in the first weeks of September, but from the 15th to the middle of October, as a rule, clear and warm weather reigns. Prices for recreation are significantly reduced, and the beaches are empty, which makes rest even more comfortable.

    2. US

    Since September, many airlines offer seasonal discounts on tickets. Therefore, autumn is a great time to visit, for example, New York. The heat will not prevent you from plunging into the atmosphere of a noisy city, and the parks are unusually beautiful in the frame of the yellowing foliage.

    1. Morocco

    The climate in Morocco is very similar to Egyptian, and local hotels offer a high level of service. In combination with a more stable political situation, Morocco has high chances to become one of the most popular autumn tourist destinations among Russians.