Top 10 most dangerous cities in Europe

Popular news portal Business Insider has published the list of the most dangerous cities in Europe .When it was compiled, the statistics collected by the consulting company Mercer were used, which annually produces the "Quality of Life Index".It helps multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees for their risks when traveling internationally.

Mercer studied how crime works in 450 cities in Europe, and then compiled a list of 230 cities that are the safest for workers. For some, it may come as a surprise that some of the largest and richest cities in Western Europe are not among the safest, but this is mainly due to a number of terrorist acts or threats of carrying out such attacks in the last year. Other criteria were taken into account, such as minor crimes or threats to national security. And Business Insider selected the cities at the bottom of the Mercer list for their rating.

Here is the of the top 10 European cities, where exactly you should not go for the New Year holidays , if you do not want to exchange your money for the tickling nerves to be robbed or even killed.


10. Bucharest, Romania

  • 9. Zagreb, Croatia
  • 7. Riga, Latvia
  • 7. Rome, Italy
  • 6. Madrid, Spain
  • 5. Budapest, Hungary
  • 4. Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 3. Athens, Greece
  • 2. Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1. Kiev, Ukraine
  • 10. Bucharest, Romania

    Organized crime in the Romanian capital is a rare phenomenon, but the city ranks 79th in the list of dangerous European cities due to widespread corruption and minor crimes. In the British newspapers fame of the most dangerous in the criminal plan of the area is Ferentari because of frequent thefts, car thefts and other illegal actions. The police of Bucharest have other information: in sector 5, to which Ferentari belongs, less often crimes are committed in the city. But it is unlikely that tourists will want to know from their own experience who is right: British or local police.

    9. Zagreb, Croatia

    Corruption is pulling the city down - it took 79th place for the safety of life in the cities of Europe. Visitors should beware of pickpockets, but crimes against tourists in the city are rare.

    7. Riga, Latvia

    In addition to anti-immigration protests, Riga occupies the 82nd line in the list of the most dangerous European countries in 2016 due to its prosperous organized crime and the developed business of sexual services.

    7. Rome, Italy

    The eternal city fell to the 82nd position after it and other Italian cities announced a high level of threat of terrorist attacks, like the one that occurred in Paris last November.

    6. Madrid, Spain

    The Spanish capital ranks 84th in the Mercer security hit parade due to public unrest as a result of unpopular austerity measures. These measures have led to an increase in unemployment, especially among young people in Madrid. But in Spain, the best thing from the European countries are things with health.

    5. Budapest, Hungary

    The city is the 93rd number in the Index due to the fact that the influx of refugees caused massive social unrest. Chaos at railway stations and protests on city streets led to the fact that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had to curb the flow of migrants passing through the country.

    4. Sofia, Bulgaria

    The high level of social unrest has lowered the city to the 118th line. Bulgaria is the poorest member of the European Union, and its residents are constantly protesting against cuts in social and pension payments, as well as against corruption.

    3. Athens, Greece

    After extensive and long-lasting austerity measures, poverty and crime reached its apogee in Athens. In addition, in recent years, the political and economic crisis in Greece has led to violent demonstrations of protest not only in Athens, but also in other Greek cities. It does not improve the security situation in Athens and the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants.

    2. Belgrade, Serbia

    Serious crimes in the city are infrequent, but Belgrade takes the 131st place in the rating of the most dangerous and safe cities in Europe due to the wide scale of corruption and bribery, as well as theft and vandalism.

    1. Kiev, Ukraine

    The country's capital ranks 189th in the Quality of Life Index and is the most dangerous country in Europe due to civil unrest and deterioration of relations with Russia. Although the UK Foreign Office refers to Kiev as a "quiet" city in comparison with the Crimean region, Kiev is full of thefts, vandalism and violent protests in connection with the dysfunctional political and social situation. In the course of these protests hundreds of people were killed or wounded.

    Mercer's ranking was based on data for the whole of 2015, so the recent terrorist attacks in Europe were not taken into account. But they will be taken into account when compiling a quality of life rating in the next year.