Rating of the most peace-loving countries 2013

In terms of the Global Peace Index, Russia in 2013 was on the 155th place out of 162 possible. Experts note that such a deplorable figure is due to the growth of arms exports and the terrorist situation.

The global peace index is calculated annually from 2007.The index takes into account both internal parameters( for example, the level of crime), and external( international relations, arms costs).Today, we propose to study the top ten states that have headed the Rating of the most peace-loving countries of 2013 .


  • 10. Switzerland
  • 9. Finland
  • 8. Slovenia
  • 7. Ireland
  • 6. Austria
  • 5. Japan
  • 4. Canada
  • 3. New Zealand
  • 2. Denmark
  • 1. Iceland

10. Switzerland

InIn 2010, this Alpine republic took the 16th line in the rating, in 3 years later it already entered the top ten. Not without reason, Switzerland in 2012 led our Top-10 countries with low crime rates.

9. Finland

The country did not enter the top ten in the top only because of the impressive number of its own armed forces, as well as occasional demonstrations that do not always end in a peaceful way.

8. Slovenia

Experts are somewhat embarrassed by the strained relations of Slovenia with neighboring countries, as well as the imperfect situation with the level of crime. But on the whole this country is the most peaceful of the former Yugoslav republics.

7. Ireland

In last year's rating, Ireland did not hit the top ten. However, this year, due to the reduced level of crime and the reduction of internal social tension, the experts placed the Emerald Island on the 7th position.

6. Austria

Experts criticize the high number of the country's armed forces. But on the whole, the low crime rate, social stability and foreign policy situation make it possible for Austria to hold a leading position in the rating of peace.

5. Japan

Among the negative factors analysts note the inflated Japanese army and rather tense relations with neighbors. But inside the country there is stability, order and security.

4. Canada

In 2010 Canada ranked only 14th in the ranking. Today, this country is the most peaceful in the Americas. Experts note the low level of crime and the absence of social tension.

3. New Zealand

In 2009 and 2010 this state headed the rating of the most peace-loving, and, quite deservedly. The only thing that did not allow the country to remain the leader of the tens is the strength of the armed forces that has grown in recent years.

2. Denmark

Denmark is in the same position as New Zealand in terms of the peace index. Like dozens of other participants, only the strength of the Danish army deserved criticism. The crime rate and the indicator of social tension are among the lowest in the world.

1. Iceland

Due to its small army, low crime rate, calm internal political situation and stable foreign policy, Iceland in 2013 was recognized by as the most peace-loving country in the world .