Rating of countries on food quality and accessibility

The International Committee for the Relief of Hungry Oxfam annually publishes the rating of countries on the quality and accessibility of food products .By the results of 2013, Russia ranked 44th line out of 125 possible in this rating.

In the neighborhood with us are Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mexico, Chile and Maldives. Worst of all, the availability of food is in Burundi. But as to where the quality food is available to everyone, you will learn from our today's dozens, which included the leaders of the rating.


  • 10. Portugal
  • 9. Italy
  • 8. Ireland
  • 7. Belgium
  • 6. Austria
  • 5. Sweden
  • 4. Denmark
  • 3. Switzerland
  • 2. France
  • 1. The Netherlands

10. Portugal

The Portuguese are by no meansDo not abuse the magnificent local port wine, preferring vegetables, lean meat and cereals. Quality products in this country are available to almost 100% of the population.

9. Italy

Italian cuisine is rich in vegetables, seafood, fruits, which are quite affordable. The famous Italian pasta has also been categorized as a healthy and quality product, as in Italy pasta is prepared only from whole flour without any additives.

8. Ireland

Residents of the "emerald island" have on their table high-quality dairy products, bakery products and locally produced vegetables. Food is available to the vast majority of Irish citizens.

7. Belgium

The Belgians are one of the most prosperous nations in Europe. Consequently, it is not surprising that citizens of the country can afford high-quality food. By the way, the prices for food in Belgium are by no means low.

6. Austria

Austrian food products are of excellent quality. Well, the ratio of national salaries to food prices allows the Austrians to eat right, eating fresh and healthy foods daily.

5. Sweden

Experts point out the favorable ecology of this Scandinavian country, which allows receiving high-quality dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Prices for food are held back by a stable economy, and the quality of food guarantees the adherence of the Swedes to a healthy lifestyle.

4. Denmark

The food situation in Denmark is very similar to the Swedish picture. It is worth mentioning only some differences in the diet. If in Sweden the lion's share of national dishes is fish, the Danes are more committed to meat, dairy products and grain.

3. Switzerland

The high quality of Swiss products does not need separate proofs. Despite the fact that the cost of products in Switzerland is often higher than the average European, the salaries of citizens allow you to purchase almost any food without restrictions.

2. France

The French traditionally adhere to a healthy diet. Almost every family can afford high-quality products of local production: fish, vegetables, cereals, cheeses. Much has been said about the benefits of famous French wines.

1. The Netherlands

This country ranked first in the ranking by the sum of all four criteria: accessibility and quality of food, the impact of nutrition on the health of the nation and the level of food prices. Experts noted that the Dutch get a perfectly balanced diet at a stably low price.