Top 10 countries with the shortest holiday

The record holder for the duration of the annual paid vacation is Germany. The Germans rest days in a year. Well, in most countries of the Euro zone, the duration of paid leave is 30 days.

However, not everyone is so lucky. In today's Top-10 countries with the shortest vacation are collected those workaholics, for which even 10 days a year - an unacceptable luxury.


  • 10. Turkey
  • 9. Australia
  • 8. India
  • 7. Mexico
  • 6. Singapore
  • 5. Canada
  • 4. US
  • 3. China
  • 2. South Korea
  • 1. Japan

10. Turkey

Durationpaid vacation in Turkey - 12 days. Working in government structures was luckier - they rest 21 days. Also on the duration of the leave affects the length of service. So after 15 years from the date of employment, you can count on as many as 26 days of rest.

9. Australia

According to statistics, more than 170 Russians move to Australia every year. At the same time, they lose 8 days of vacation, because Australians at the employer's expense rest 20 days a year. There are also allowances for the length of leave for length of service, but they do not work for all categories of employees.

8. India

For every 20 days worked, an Indian receives one day of leave, i.e.for 100 days of work you can get 5 days off. Taking into account the days off, which are usually a little more than a hundred, for a year, about 2 weeks of holidays are running.

7. Mexico

Duration of paid leave in Mexico - only 7 calendar days. In addition, it is customary in the country to give paid holidays on the day of the president's change, and sometimes it is not too often - once every 6 years.

6. Singapore

The length of leave in the country increases with the length of service. In the first year you can not count more than a week. Then one vacation day is added for each worked year.

5. Canada

The standard paid vacation in Canada lasts 14 days. In addition, Canadians rest on holidays, which depending on the region can be from 6 to 9 for the whole year, and they, naturally, are not paid by the employer.

4. US

Americans spend an average of 14 days a year. The employer has the right to independently determine the duration of paid leave. However, very few people go to pay 20 or more days of leave for their employees.

3. China

Employees with little experience are entitled to only 5 days of paid leave per year. But after 10 years of work, you can get 10 days for rest. For those whose experience has exceeded 20 years, paid leave in China is 15 days.

2. South Korea

The duration of the holiday for Koreans is 2 weeks. If an employee has worked for 2 years in one place, then he is entitled to 25 vacation days. However, according to statistics, 66% of Koreans regularly refuse to leave because of congestion at work.

1. Japan

The shortest vacation for residents of the Land of the Rising Sun. Depending on the length of service, the Japanese is entitled to 10 to 20 days of rest, but in practice it is considered indecent to rest more than 5 days a year.