Top-5 "second" cities of the world, worthy of attention

Every traveler considers it his duty to visit the capital of the country where the trip was planned. Various directories and guidebooks assure that it is here that all important sights and cultural values ​​are concentrated. But this is a delusion. Second cities also have something to show.


  • 1. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2. Yokohama, Japan
  • 3. Milan, Italy
  • 4. Krakow, Poland
  • 5. Barcelona, ​​Spain.

1. St. Petersburg, Russia

Here literally every meter is impregnated with the history and events of bygone days. In the city created by Peter I, at one time lived and created Maxim Gorky, Anna Akhmatova, Grigory Rasputin, Alexander Blok, Joseph Brodsky, Eduard Khil, Victor Tsoy and many others. Wherever you look, at every corner of the museum: erotica, Russian vodka, the dreams of Freud, the history of brewing and, of course, the Hermitage with the Kunstkamera. The best time to visit the northern capital is June, when the city is bathed in pearl luster( in other words, white nights come).

2. Yokohama, Japan

There is something to see in the port city of Japan. For example, on the liner museum, moored near the park Yamashita. Charlie Chaplin traveled on this ship, which plied the waves of the seas and oceans for 30 years. In Yokohama there is the world's highest lighthouse, standing on land. At the top there is an observation deck in two levels.

To see the beauty of a multi-million city in full scale and make impressive photos you can from the roof of the almost 300-meter tower of the Landmark Tower. And get a dose of adrenaline - rolling on the Cosmo Clock, a huge size Ferris wheel( this 15-minute trip will remain in your memory for a long time).

3. Milan, Italy

Here, cultural treasures, fashionable trends and sporting achievements are harmoniously intertwined. Twice a year, fashionists from all over the world come to Milan to see new products from the famous brands Dolce &Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Gucci. Sports fans in Milan attract football and "Formula-1".

Fans of opera should always look to the legendary theater of La Scala to appreciate the excellent acoustics of the hall. Travel around the city will be inadequate if in the list of places to be visited, do not appear Sempione Park, Sforza Castle, Milan Cathedral, Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.

4. Krakow, Poland

One of the oldest European cities in terms of its cultural heritage is hardly inferior to the world's historical and tourist centers. The hands do not have enough fingers to count the number of architectural monuments, many of which are protected by UNESCO.

The business card of Krakow - Wawel Castle. According to legend, one of the seven main centers of energy on Earth, called the Wawel Chakra, is inside its wall. Feel a special atmosphere of the city can be in Kazimierz - the old district, the inhabitants of which were once Polish Jews. It was Kazimierz that liked Stephen Spielberg, and here he shot his movie masterpiece "Schindler's List".

5. Barcelona, ​​Spain.

This fabulous city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, captivates its architecture. Particularly attractive objects, the arm of which was attached by the distinguished Antonio Gaudi: the Temple of the Holy Family, Belesguard, the houses of Batlló, Mila and Calvet. Football fans should visit the "Camp Nou".The home arena of the legendary football club is the largest in Europe, there is a museum of the Catalan team, and in the podtribunnyh premises next to the locker rooms - a small chapel.

A non-trivial walk along the Olympic Ring of Barcelona, ​​which was erected to the world competitions of 1992.Lewis Kompanis Stadium, Bernat Pikornel Basins, San Jordi Sports Palace, Olympic Village in Poblenou - these objects are still used by their purpose.