Rating of countries on the quality and speed of the Internet

International Telecommunication Union conducted a large-scale study of communication facilities in various countries, including the Internet. The quality of Internet services was estimated at 11 different parameters, such as the average channel width, the percentage of households with a computer and / or the Internet, the number of subscribers to the mobile Internet, the quality and quantity of statistics provided, and others.

Even the literacy rate of the adult population and the percentage of students from all citizens were estimated( although it is difficult to understand how this relates to the evaluation of communication facilities).Each parameter received a score, and their amount allowed to rank countries according to the level of quality of the provided Internet services .

Top 10 countries with the best internet.


  • 10. Norway
  • 9. Hong Kong, China
  • 8. Netherlands
  • 7. Switzerland
  • 6. Luxembourg
  • 5. Sweden
  • 4. England
  • 3. Iceland
  • 2. Denmark
  • 1. Republic of Korea

10. Norway

Severe Vikings were able to surpass even super-mega-technological Japan, setting it 0.02 points. Descendants of samurai scored 8.47 points, and Norwegians - 8.49.However, this result indicates a decline rather than an upturn - in fact, according to the results of the 2010 survey, the Scandinavian country occupied neither more nor less, fifth place. Either the Internet has become worse, or the rest of the world is better.

9. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong once again began to belong to China relatively recently, just in 1997, and it seems that the event went to the Internet for good. Here is the largest Chinese online store with free shipping - Aliexpress. Autonomous territory took the ninth place with a score of 8.49 points. About 180 providers provide more than 3 million Internet users at a speed of 100 Mbit / s for 99 HK dollars per month, which is approximately $ 13.

8. Netherlands

And again in the ranking of the most high-quality Internet connection, the European country. Fans of tulips received an estimate of 8.52 points. And no wonder: according to the OECD, residents of the Netherlands are provided with broadband Internet better than all other European countries.

7. Switzerland

In addition to cheese, the Swiss also appreciate the Internet: the country scored 8.53 points.76% of the total Swiss population are residents of the World Wide Web.

6. Luxembourg

This tiny European duchy with a population of only 550 thousand people( of which 440 thousand enjoy access to the Internet) was rated 8.59 points.

5. Sweden

The birthday of the Swedish Internet - 1984, when the network of the city of Gothenburg joined the World Wide Web, and ten years later the first Swedish provider offered the masses access to the Internet via a modem. Two years later, the first lucky ones began to use cable communication, and after only 9 years Sweden got the fifth place in the world in the quality of Internet connection with a score of 8.67.

4. England

The fourth place in the ranking with a score of 8.75 is occupied by the United Kingdom. The Internet there has so entered into everyday life that it is necessary to forbid a jury to sit in Facebook or to use Google during litigations. And one of the famous porn sites even tried to sponsor the football team.

3. Iceland

The Internet of the most peace-loving country in the world received a high score of 8.86 points, behind the second place only 0.02 points, and from the first - at 0.07.And even the volcano Eyjafjadlayekudl does not interfere with the quality of Icelandic Internet services.

2. Denmark

Above all of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is on the list with a score of 8.88.Most Danes( 97%) prefer to use ADSL( FTTx technology is the second most popular), and only 89% of the total population is enroute. In Denmark, there are many different providers, but all the last meters - the channel that connects the client equipment with the carrier access node - belong exclusively to TDC.Once upon a time, she owned a monopoly on the means of communication in the state.

1. Republic of Korea

According to the research, the maximum possible score is 10, however, no participant in the rating could reach this height. Closer than all to the ideal was South Korea with a total score of 8.93 points. In this country the fastest Internet in the world is 22.1 Mbps. In comparison with 2013, the speed increased by 51%.It is unlikely that in the future another country will be able to shake the leadership of the Far Eastern giant.