Top 7 countries with the most delicious street food

Summer is the time for holidays and travel. And what does a tourist usually do when he arrives in another country? Lounges on the beach or by the pool at the hotel, visits local attractions and wanders through the streets. They sell a variety of food. Edition The Telegraph made a rating of places on the Earth with the most delicious street food .Enjoy your appetite. .. that is rest!


  • 7. Burma
  • 6. Crete
  • 5. Ecuador
  • 4. Turkey
  • 3. India
  • 2. Cuba
  • 1. Mexico

7. Burma

Opens the top 7 countries with the most delicious dishes sold on the street. Locals begin the morning with fish soup mohinga. It is prepared right on the sidewalks of Rangoon, squatting or on tiny plastic chairs. On the ferry that stops along the delta of Irrawaddy, you will be offered crispy yellow pea pancakes with chili sauce. They are served with chopped onions, sprinkled with lemon juice, supplemented with garlic and ginger. In general, food for trained stomachs. Spicy salads from pomelo, eggplant in Indian style and fried tofu are sold in the spice markets.

6. Crete

Weekly markets in the fishing ports and mountain villages of Crete are littered with mouth-watering fresh products: figs, lemons, olives, honey, cheeses, wine and olive oil. And all this is flavored with fragrant smoke from dozens of self-made barbecues, on which shish kebabs are made from juicy pork. And as for the delicious street food, do not mention baking: bread in the form of a ring sprinkled with sesame seeds, and delicious pies with feta cheese and spinach will not leave a chance for your desire to go on a diet.

5. Ecuador

Due to the variety and taste of local dishes, Ecuador can compete with Peru. Having visited this country, you can taste fish and coconut milk soup, shrimp snacks, pies with filling( empanada) and drink it all with a drink of maroccho. To taste it like a hot milk jelly, seasoned with spices and complemented with rice and raisins.

4. Turkey

Although the country of descendants of the Janissaries has become an undesirable place for many Russians, some tourists still dare to visit it. From local street food it is worth trying the meze - small portions of hot and cold dishes, served with warm fresh bread, shish kebabs cooked on charcoal or fried fish, seasoned with dried red pepper, lemon juice and dried thyme.

3. India

The list of the best street food in the south of India includes Masala Dosa( a pancake with a spicy filling, served on a palm leaf with curry and sauce) and idli( steamed cakes made from rice flour and fermented black masha).We also recommend you try pakora from cauliflower and samos - patties-triangles with vegetable or bean filling. And the cheapest Indian street food - thin cakes rumali-roti, they cost only 5 rupees.

2. Cuba

Food is better to buy in street stalls and paladar - small restaurants that are located directly in the homes of local residents. They serve such classics of Cuban cuisine as shrimp enchildo, fried bananas, soup with rice, chicken and bananas, as well as Cuba's pride - coffee, very strong and sweet.

1. Mexico

Chile, tomatoes, corn and chocolate remain key ingredients in Mexican street food. To be in Mexico and not try dishes such as tortilla( analogous to lavash), tacos( tortilla with seafood, beef, pork, vegetables or other stuffing and seasonings), corn cobs and quesadilla( wheat or corn tortillas filled with cheese) is a crime againsttaste. In huts on surf beaches, they sell cocktails with mescal, which are washed down with a local version of Peruvian ceviche - dishes from fish or seafood.