The largest countries in Europe( by area and population) for 2016

9 place. Finland .The area is 338 430 km ².

8th place. Germany .The area is 357 021 km ².

7 place. Kazakhstan .The area of ​​the European part of Kazakhstan is about 380,000 km² or 13.9% of the total territory of the country( 2,724,902 km²).In terms of the total area among the states, fully or partially located in Europe, Kazakhstan ranks second( after Russia).
With the border between Europe and Asia( within Kazakhstan) along the Emba River, the European part to the west of it includes the territories of the West Kazakhstan region( totally, more than 151,300 km²);Atyrau region( total 118 600 km ², without the southern part of Zhylyoi region - about 103,000 km ²);north-western part of the Aktobe region( total 300 600 km², without Shalkar( 62,200 km²), Irgiz( 41,500 km²), Aytekebi( 31,300 km²), without southern and middle parts of the Baiganinsky area( about 40,000 km² of 61,000 km²)) - about 126,000 km²).

6 place. Norway .The area is 385 186 km ².

5 place. Sweden .The area is 447 435 km ².

4 place. Spain .The area of ​​the European part is 498,508 km ².The total area( with the Canary Islands and sovereign territories on the border with Morocco) is 505,992 km ².

3 place. France .The area of ​​the European part is 547,030 km ².The total area( with Overseas Territories) is 674 685 km ².

2 place. Ukraine .According to official Ukrainian data, the territory of Ukraine is 603 549 km ².However, the Ukrainian authorities ignore the fact that Crimea in 2014 returned to Russia and has nothing to do with Ukraine now. The area of ​​Ukraine without the Crimea is 576 604 km ².But these data also do not correspond to reality. Ukraine does not control the territories of the Donetsk People's Republic( DNR) and the Lugansk People's Republic( LNR).The declared territory of the territory of the NDP - 8 538.9 km ², the area of ​​the LNR - 8,352.6 km ².It turns out that the area of ​​Ukraine without the Crimea, the Dnieper and the People's Republic of Latvia is 559,713 km ², which is still more than the European territory of France, ie, Ukraine, even in its present form, remains the second largest European country. It should also be taken into account that the DNR and the LNP do not control all the territories declared by them, which makes the area under Ukraine's control somewhat larger than the figure indicated above.

Ukraine( marked on the map in dark green color) and its former part Crimea( marked with light green)

Map of the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of China on April 5, 2016

The largest country in Europe - Russia .The area of ​​the European part of Russia( with the Crimea) is about 3.986 million km2, which is much larger than the area of ​​any European country and 7 times larger than the territory of Ukraine. The European part of Russia is about 40% of the territory of the whole of Europe. The total area of ​​Russia( with the Crimea) is 17,124,442 km².

Russia map in 2016( with the Crimea):

Russia( with the Crimea) on the globe:

Russia is also the largest country in the world in terms of area( see the World's largest countries)

Europe's largest countries by population

10 place. Netherlands .The population is 17 million people.

9 place. Romania .The population is 19.8 million people.

8th place. Poland .The population is 38.5 million people.

7 place. Ukraine. The population is 42.6 million people.without taking into account the Crimea, which since 2014 is part of Russia. It should be noted that even official Ukrainian data on the population of Ukraine do not include the Crimea. As indicated above, Ukraine does not control the territories of the Donetsk People's Republic( NDP) and the Luhansk People's Republic( LNR).As of March 1, 2016, the population of the NAM was 2.331 million, the population of the People's Libyan Arab League as of March 1 was 1.506 million.(these data are themselves DNR and LC).Thus, the population of Ukraine without the Crimea, the People's Republic of Germany, the People's Democratic Republic is 38.7 million people, which is 200,000 more than in Poland, so Ukraine is still the seventh most populous country in Europe under any variant of counting.

6 place. Spain .The population is 46.3 million people.

5 place. Italy .The population is 60.9 million people.

4 place. France .The population without the Overseas Territories is 64.5 million people. Population with Overseas Territories - 67.2 million

3 rd place. United Kingdom .The population is 64.7 million people. As we see, the difference between the population of Great Britain and the European part of France is small( only 200 thousand people in favor of Britain), and if we consider the Overseas Territories of France, then its population is larger than the population of Great Britain.

2 place. Germany .The population is 81.4 million people.

1 place. Russia .Population - 146.5 million people .The population of the European part of Russia( with the Crimea) is about 114 million people, which is much larger than the population of Germany, which makes Russia the largest population of Europe, even without taking into account the Asian part of Russia.

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Europe - one of the smallest in the area( less than only Australia - Oceania) parts of the world, its territory is about 10 million square But in terms of population( 742 million), Europe is second only to Asia and Africa and concentrates 10% of the world's population. In this rating we will consider the largest in terms of area and population in Europe. In some sources, especially foreign ones, such scores take into account the total area and the total population of countries that are only partially located in Europe, in which case Turkey is in the top three for both indicators. However, if we take into account only the European parts of the territories of the countries and only the population of the European parts( this approach will be used in the rating), the overall picture looks different: Turkey does not fall into the top 10 of the largest European countries, either by area or by population. At the same time, in terms of the number of the European population, Turkey would take 11th place in Europe with an indicator of 11.5 million people, the bulk of which is in the European part of Istanbul( 2/3 of the population lives in the European part of Istanbul).
Data on the population in the rating are indicated for 2016( in some cases for 2015).

The largest countries in Europe for the area of ​​the territory

10 place. Poland .The area is 312 679 km ².