Top 5 most interesting places in Kemer

For those Russian travelers who know only beach Turkey, calm Kemer is associated, above all, with clean and crowded pebble beaches. Hardly anyone would doubt the importance of this kind of rest for a hospitable city, comfortably located on the sea coast. But the famous resort can also boast a variety of historical and cultural places and a large number of entertainment venues. So, what are the most interesting places in Kemer from the tourist point of view?


  • Famous boulevard
  • Olimpos-Teleferik( Tahtaly)
  • Dinapark
  • Ancient Phaselis
  • Park "Moonlight"

The famous boulevard

For most curious visitors of picturesque Kemer, acquaintance with the city begins on the rather long Ataturk boulevard. Guides and not only they call this street decorated with high palm trees, one of the main and favorite tourist attractions of a hospitable resort. To sit in a cafe that plays the role of a comfortable viewing platform on the local clock tower is a really pleasant and unforgettable pastime. Here - on the square - the guests of the city are distracted from the annoying fuss by the murmur of the transparent jets of the elegant fountain. Representatives of the weaker sex do not miss the opportunity to go to local shops, and on Tuesdays or sometimes on Mondays to look at the crowded vegetable market.

Olimpos-Teleferik( Tahtaly)

About 10-minute - flying as a moment - travels on a 4.35-kilometer cable car almost every traveler in the city dreams. Only having appeared in 2007, "Olympos Teleferic" - so it was officially called this structure - immediately became popular among both adult travelers and young tourists. In the warm period, the lower station of the road begins to receive passengers ready to get acquainted with the sights of Kemer from a height, at 9:00.In order to enjoy the wonderful spa views, you will have to part with 28 euros. On a roomy upper station of travelers, not only a cozy viewing platform awaits, but also two luxurious, slightly expensive restaurants.


More recently - in 2012 - in the picturesque surroundings of Kemer there was a park where without a fantastic time machine you can move into the era of mighty and ferocious dinosaurs. Guides often talk about visitors who are genuinely frightened when they meet the moving and snarling figures of ancient reptiles. The layouts are so natural that such a reaction does not seem unexpected. Thanks to the planetarium, you can also go on an exciting interstellar journey. Those naughty kids who are afraid of such, even virtual wanderings, can simply ride on obedient and ridiculous ponies. The spacious hall of the 7D-cinema will delight with a variety of historical and geographical documentary films shown in it. Only $ 35 will be required in order to visit the fairy-tale park and plunge into the magical world of its attractions.

The ancient Phaselis

Kemer is surrounded by the remains of several once flourishing ancient cities. Among them, Phaselis, famous for its ancient buildings, stands out. Numerous travelers primarily seek to get into the well-preserved amphitheater of this Kemer landmark. Quite often, those who come here for the sake of acquaintance with ancient history, there is a feeling that just about half-ruined stone stands will be filled with spectators and a dramatic performance will begin. Nearby is the ancient aqueduct, which recalls the former greatness of the city that existed here. Fans of beach entertainment, visiting the remains of ancient buildings, after the tour awaits an unexpected, but pleasant holiday on the sand and pebble coast.

Park "Moonlight"

In this park complex, stretching for 55,000 square meters.m, travelers are waiting for a variety of entertainment. Particularly exciting is the view with two witty dolphins and an elegant sea lion in Dolphinarium's favorite children. Passionate admirers of popular diving and always popular windsurfing will find here almost ideal conditions for their studies. For the entrance to the territory of "Moonlight" will have to pay at least $ 30, not counting a separate fee for visiting park amusement facilities. However, all this is fully compensated by a sufficiently high level of service and a wide variety of entertainment.

Here, multinational visitors are waiting for a rest on a clean and long sandy beach, considered one of the best in the resort. Small tourists will be delighted with several water slides, and gambling youth can happily have fun in local democratic and stylish clubs in the evenings. On the park belonging to the park you can come even at night, and all entertainment activities are available at different times, but quite early.

Because of the wide choice of entertainment and the abundance of beaches, Kemer is often compared to Israel's Tel Aviv, Croatian Split or Bulgarian Varna. Club life is here for many experienced travelers resembles the Spanish Ibiza. Nevertheless, the resort manages to preserve its own, Turkish flavor, which attracts thousands of streams of gambling and uneven-aged tourists who are eager to see the outstanding sights of Kemer.