The cheapest countries in the world according to the Big Mac index for 2016

The British magazine "The Economist" has been conducting a cost research in different countries of the world Big Mac, the main product of the fast food chain McDonald's. For decades, McDonald's has been the world's fastest fast food network, in 2010, losing to the number of restaurants in the world to another giant of the fast food - Subway. At the same time, McDonald's remains the leader in revenue.
The study of the magazine "The Economist", called the "Big Mac Index" and included in the textbooks on the economy, shows how undervalued or overvalued the currency of a country in relation to the US dollar. Of course, this comparison is correct only when comparing countries with a similar level of economic development, for example, when comparing the United States with countries of Western Europe or Japan. For less developed countries, the Big Mac index shows how much the products and services, of which the prices for Big Mac are, are cheap in different countries.

The most recent study of the "Big Mac Index" is published on on January 9, 2016 and begins with the words that the label "Made in Russia" can become ubiquitous due to the fact that the Russian ruble is one of the most undervalued currenciesworld, which can stimulate the growth of Russian exports. As indicated by "The Economist", the Russian currency is undervalued against the US dollar by 69%.What place Russia occupies in the index of Big Mac, you can find out from our rating, where the top 10 countries with the cheapest Big Macs are published. These countries with certain reservations can be called the cheapest countries in the world from those where there are restaurants McDonald's.

10 place. Poland, where Big Mac costs an average of 9.6 zlotys, which equals $ 2.37.

9 place. Indonesia. The price of the Big Mac is 30,500 Indonesian rupees / $ 2.19.

8 place. Egypt. The price of the Big Mac is 16.93 Egyptian pounds / $ 2.16.

7 place. Taiwan. The price of the Big Mac is 69 Taiwan dollars / $ 2.08.

6 place. India. The cost of the Big Mac is 127 Indian rupees / $ 1.90.

5 place. Malaysia. The cost of the Big Mac is 8 ringgit / $ 1.82.

4 place. SOUTH AFRICA.The cost of the Big Mac is 28 rand / $ 1.77.

3 place. Ukraine. The cost of the Big Mac is 36 UAH / $ 1,54.

2 place. Russia. The cost of the Big Mac - 114 rubles / $ 1.53.

1 place. Venezuela. The cost of the Big Mac is 132 bolivars / $ 0.66.Such a low cost of Big Mac in Venezuela is associated with a strong fall of the Venezuelan currency against the dollar in recent times. This is due to the fall in oil prices, which is the main source of foreign currency entering Venezuela, which is part of the top 10 oil-exporting countries.