Rating of countries by frequency of insurance claims

The company SMILE Assistance - one of the leading players in the European market of assistance - presented the rating of the countries with the highest frequency of insurance claims .It was compiled on the basis of the summer vacation season of 2015.

The most common troubles that occur with tourists in European countries are: food poisoning and diseases of the digestive system( for example, acute gastroenteritis), injuries received while visiting the beach, pool or attractions, allergic reactions and colds.

Here are five countries with the most frequent insurance appeals of tourists. The average amount of insurance loss is indicated in brackets. The maximum amount of insurance payment( for repatriation) was 30 thousand euros.


5. Bulgaria( 35 euros)

  • 4. Turkey( 60 euros)
  • 3. Montenegro( 80 euros)
  • 2. Greece( 80 euros)
  • 1. Spain( 100 euros)
  • 5. Bulgaria( 35 euros))

    Although the summer in this country is hot, the common cold is a frequent and unpleasant companion of tourists. This is also due to the carelessness of the holidaymakers, for example, with hypothermia due to the use of air conditioning or overeating ice cream. In 2013, according to the company AlfaStrakhovanie, Bulgaria has overtaken Spain and Greece on the incidence of inflammatory respiratory diseases.

    In a high-risk zone are travelers who decided to go hiking through the mountains. There, a fast change of weather and strong winds are common. And the danger is not only the respiratory system. In 2014, the average number of injuries received in the mountains of Bulgaria was exceeded by 36%.

    4. Turkey( 60 euros)

    Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Turkey may experience travelers' diarrhea. Warn the visit of this unwanted "guest" easily: do not drink tap water, have your own washed and peeled fresh fruit, and avoid dairy products that may contain unpasteurized milk. It is advisable to eat only dishes cooked before your eyes or served hot.

    3. Montenegro( 80 euros)

    The increase in the average monthly temperature in the summer contributes to the increase in the incidence of diseases that are transmitted with food and water, such as salmonella, toxic infections and diarrhea. And an active holiday in the mountains of Montenegro often leads to fractures and bruises. There were also injuries on the hunt, as tourists are allowed to hunt for ducks, wolves, foxes, woodcocks and rabbits.

    2. Greece( 80 euros)

    Insurance appeals of tourists who have visited Greece are mainly associated with inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and acute otitis. The abundance of fried, pickled, baked on the coals dishes of Greek cuisine can play a cruel joke with a tourist with a sick stomach.

    And "catch" acute otitis externa is simple - it's only necessary to supercool the body, or fill the outer ear with water, along with the microorganisms in it( what happens when diving, diving, and other water entertainments).But with fractures and other injuries in Greece, as a country of beach rest, things are better. In this occasion, tourists rarely turn to an insurance company.

    1. Spain( 100 euros)

    The country with the most frequent insurance appeals of tourists. More often than not, travelers turn to the assistance service for inflammation of the outer and middle ear( otitis), problems with the gastrointestinal tract and soft tissue damage. Every summer and indigenous Spaniards and curious tourists are injured during traditional bull races in the city of Pamplona. The last time the animals wounded two Americans and one Englishman.

    People prone to allergies, it is better to refrain from buying in the Spanish markets of exotic African fruits. The active substances and essential oils contained in them can spoil the allergy holiday.