Top 5 countries to relax in the velvet season

Summer is over, and you have not had time to go on vacation yet? Do not be sad, because the begins the velvet season - the ideal time for traveling. September and October are the time when all expenses during travel are reduced in half. If you want to get to the winter long-awaited portion of the sun or discover something new in amazing countries, then the velvet season is a great solution.


  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • France


This island is one of the most hospitable and safe. It is famous for its history and extensive cultural program. Malta is immaculately blue water, secluded bays, churches and citadels. The island has a warm Mediterranean climate with many sunny days. The air temperature in September will be about +27 degrees, and the water - +26 degrees.


September is the best time to spend a vacation in Portugal. The air temperature in September will be from +24 to +27 degrees. Portugal is famous for its rich historical heritage, good cuisine and various kinds of fascinating holidays. In this country, everyone will find a place for themselves - beach lovers, fans of history or those who came here to have fun and tasty food.


This direction is still one of the most popular among Russians. September is the beginning of the school year, therefore in Turkey it will be rare to meet on the beaches or hotels crowds of noisy student companies and couples with children. Affordable prices for rooms, lack of queues and vacant places on the beach - all this awaits the tourists who chose Turkey in the velvet season. And for choosing a hotel we recommend to read our rating of hotels in Turkey for 2014.


In Greece, the velvet season starts from the middle of September and lasts until October 15.Prices for hotels and restaurants at this time are significantly reduced. This country will delight and surprise you with a large number of beaches and islands, all of which are characterized by extraordinary beauty. Also the country is famous for its architecture with a lot of ancient and medieval monuments. The approximate air temperature in this period is + 25 degrees.


Rest in France in the velvet season will appeal to different people. After a summer season, rest here becomes calmer. The possibilities of France are endless. You can choose to relax on the azure shores in Nice or Cannes, or to touch the great history, about which the Louvre tells and the magnificent architecture of such buildings as the Eiffel Tower, Versailles and the royal castles.

The end of the summer is not an excuse for a bad mood. After all, you can extend your summer at any second!