Rating of countries by level of charity

The international organization Charities Aid Formation annually calculates the World Index of Charity, on the basis of which the is ranked by countries in terms of the level of charity .

The final list includes 146 countries. Russia ranks only 127th in the rating. About 7% of Russians made charity donations in the past year, 17% - participated in volunteer activities, and 29% - helped the needy. In our today's top ten are the leaders of the rating - a country where at least half of the population is involved in charity.


  • 10. Denmark
  • 9. Paraguay
  • 8. United Kingdom
  • 7. Indonesia
  • 6. Netherlands
  • 5. US
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 3. Canada
  • 2. Ireland
  • 1. Australia

10. Denmark

Regulardonations for charitable purposes make about 70% of the Danes.23% participate in volunteer activities, and more than half - help strangers who arrived on exotic adventure tours and were in need during the trip.

9. Paraguay

The top ten most generous countries for charity are heterogeneous in terms of social, economic and political indicators. Despite the fact that in terms of GDP per capita the country ranks 98th in the world, 48% of Paraguayans regularly make charitable donations, and 61% help other people in need.

8. United Kingdom

About 72% of Britons regularly donate to charity, 26% in 2012 took part in volunteer activities, and 56% helped strangers who were in need.

7. Indonesia

About 71% of Indonesia's population regularly make contributions to charitable organizations, 41% are volunteers, and 43% are providing other assistance to those in need.

6. The Netherlands

Regularly donate 73% of the Dutch to charity, 34% in 2012 visited the role of volunteers, and slightly more than half assisted strangers in need.

5. US

Out of 315 million Americans, 57% make regular contributions to charitable organizations, 42% work as volunteers. More than 70% of US residents assisted strangers who were in need.

4. New Zealand

About 66% of New Zealanders make regular donations to charity, 38% are volunteers, and 68% are helping those in need.

3. Canada

In the country that closes the top three ratings on the level of charity , 64% of the population make contributions to charitable funds, 42% volunteer, and 67% - help strangers in need.

2. Ireland

In Ireland, regular charitable donations make 79% of the population.34% of the inhabitants of the most generous country in Europe participate in volunteer activities, and 66% - help the needy.

1. Australia

The country became the leader of the rating not only by the results of the past year, but also in all areas of charitable activity for the last 5 years.76% of Australians regularly make contributions to non-profit organizations, more than one-third act as volunteers, and 67% - provide assistance to strangers.