The most dangerous countries in the world according to the inhabitants of the Earth

On February 19, 2017, the user Reddit with the nickname Loulan presented a map showing which countries are considered the main threat to the world on Earth .The map was compiled from a survey conducted in 2013 by the consortium WIN / Gallup International, which unites many companies conducting independent market research and opinion polls. In each country in the world, on the phone or online, a thousand people were asked: "Which country do you consider the greatest threat to peace?" The whole study took four months - from September to December 2013.

According to the survey, the is the most afraid of the USA in the world. The most fearful of America in Russia( 54% of respondents), China( 49%) and Bosnia( 49%).Even Australia, which seems to share the language and basic values ​​with America, even considers the US a threat to peace and prosperity. Her opinion is supported also by some countries of Western Europe, such as Finland, Germany, Iceland and Sweden. In total, 24% of all respondents voted against America.

This number seems especially large compared to the next world threat - Pakistan, which 8% of respondents fear and consider one of the most aggressive countries. The next place is China( 6%), which is most feared by Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. North Korea, Israel and Iran gained about 5%, and the United States, Canada and England are most afraid of the latter.

As a rule, fears are fueled by neighborly affinity. So India fears Pakistan, South Korea - North, Poland - Russia, and Kenya regards the nearby unstable Somalia as a threat to peace on earth. Or the religious-territorial factor plays a role. This is how Israel fears in Morocco, Tunisia and Iraq, which borders on Israel. The political situation is also important - as France considers Syria as the number one threat. However, sometimes the choice of the main villain looks strange, for example, Bangladesh chose Israel, and Italy - Afghanistan( Afghanistan itself is afraid of neighboring Pakistan).

The low opinion of the world about America was influenced by the events of 2013, especially the bombing of Syria, reaction to the events in Ukraine and the Middle East. America continues to act according to the Clinton doctrine, according to which the United States has the right to use its troops where it is deemed necessary, despite the possible damage to other countries.

It is interesting, however, how much the fear map would change if the survey were conducted according to the results of the expired 2016.There were many interesting or scary events there: the elections in the US and the victory of Donald Trump, the annexation of the Crimea, the civil war in Ukraine, the nuclear agreement with Iran and the invasion of migrants into European countries. So far, as one of the moderators of Reddit writes, pleases the fact that the card users discuss with a light humor and do not enter into conflicts over the difference in political views.