The countries most friendly to Russia

Emperor Alexander III said that there are only two reliable friends with Russia: its army and navy. However, the Russians do not lose faith in the friendship between the nations and in the April poll they named the the countries most friendly to Russia .

The survey, initiated by the Public Opinion Foundation, was attended by 1,500 people from 53 regions of the Russian Federation. Of these, only 1% called friendly countries the US, Ukraine and Turkey.

Here are the states that are in the top ten ranking.


  • 10. France
  • 9. Iran and Israel
  • 8. Japan and Germany
  • 7. Venezuela
  • 6. Brazil
  • 5. Cuba
  • 4. India
  • 3. Kazakhstan
  • 2. China
  • 1. Byelorussia


The homeland of the Musketeers as a sympathetic Russia was named by 6% of respondents. The presidential election of 2017, possibly, will contribute to the warming of relations between states, because among presidential candidates Marin Le Pen.

9. Iran and Israel

Both countries scored 7% of the votes of the respondents. Russia still has close relations with Iran since Soviet times. During the Great Patriotic War, countries engaged in active bilateral trade, in the 1990s Russia helped develop the Iranian nuclear program, and in 2005 was Iran's seventh most important trading partner. In addition, the countries are actively cooperating in Syria.

As for the Promised Land, it is worth remembering that there are more than a million former Soviet citizens living there.

8. Japan and Germany

According to 8% of respondents, these countries were friendly with Russia. However, it is not so easy to understand the attitude of samurai descendants to Russians. Politeness, inculcated by the Japanese from childhood, will not allow them to openly express negative feelings. And if we recall the repeated conflicts between Russia and Japan in the past, it becomes clear why so few respondents consider the Japanese people close.

There were also rapprochement and conflicts in Russian-German relations. The most memorable and bloody of which occurred in 1941-45.At the same time, answering a question about which powers it is most important to cooperate with Russia, Germany was named 22%( 4th place).

7. Venezuela

Colored Venezuela was remembered by 9% of respondents. Relations between the countries have significantly improved after the beginning of the presidency of Hugo Chavez. In 2009, Russia and Venezuela abandoned visa regimes, they closely cooperate in the oil and military-technical sectors.

6. Brazil

Solar Brazil, which has 10% of the vote and Russia has common interests in the field of trade, space and military. This country is Russia's largest trading partner in Latin America. And smiling and cheerful Brazilians are always glad to Russian tourists.

5. Cuba

The island of the dawn of the crimson is famous for its cigars, rum, coffee and good attitude to Russian tourists. Many Cubans of the older generation studied in the USSR, so they have a special attitude towards the inhabitants of Russia. In the friendliness of Cubans, 15% of respondents are sure. There are, however, those who call the Russian "bolos" in the meaning of "rude", "uncouth".

4. India

Have you ever heard the expression " Hindi Russi bhai bhai " ( "Indians and Russians are brothers")?This slogan was circulated from the 1950s to the 1980s. In the present century, relations between India and Russia are still friendly( 26% of respondents think so), especially in science, industry and security. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once said that every child in India knows: Russia is the best friend.

3. Kazakhstan

The third place in the ranking of the countries most friendly to Russia and 50% of the votes of the survey participants. In Kazakhstan, about 4 million Russians live, and in Russia there are about a million ethnic Kazakhs.23% of those polled said that it was essential to establish further economic relations with Kazakhstan.

2. China

56% of respondents believe that the Chinese are not bad at Russians. And that it is very beneficial for Russia to build economic relations with the Middle Kingdom( 49%).Many Chinese people are sure that Russians are generous, stubborn and sincere, but they drink a lot.

1. Belarus

68% of respondents said that Belarus is the country most friendly to Russia .And 35% said about the importance of economic cooperation. Belarusians are Slavs, a people close to Russians in spirit, with a long common history. And despite the disagreements between Russian and Belarusian politicians, citizens of the two states respect and sympathize with each other.