The most mushroom places and countries on the planet

Autumn is a great time to gather mushrooms. Therefore, throughout the world, experienced and novice mushroom pickers go out hunting for buttermilk, mushrooms, white, chanterelles and other mushrooms.

In today's Top-10 we will tell about the most mushroom countries on the planet and the specific places selected by Forbes Life experts.


  • 10. Japan
  • 9. China
  • 8. Spain
  • 7. Poland
  • 6. Italy
  • 5. France
  • 4. US
  • 3. Canada
  • 2. Finland
  • 1. Belarus

10. Japan National

mushroomthe month in the Land of the Rising Sun is October. Here the main competitor of the truffle grows - the Matsutake mushroom. The cost of a kilogram of such fungi in Europe reaches $ 4,000.

9. China

Collecting Chinese mushrooms is best with a conductor. The most mushroom region is the province of Yunnan, where 500 varieties of edible mushrooms grow. A surprising for the Russian mushroom picker will be the so-called "mushroom cabbage", which in our country is listed in the Red Book.

8. Spain

Features of the Spanish climate allow you to collect mushrooms all year round. And edible varieties in the country grows about a hundred. Particularly noteworthy mushrooms, as well as mushroom Caesar, which in our forests is almost never found.

7. Poland

In November, the harvest season for the so-called "Polish mushroom", a relative of the familiar moss-fly, is coming to an end. Collecting mushrooms in Poland is possible only in specially designated places by the administration. Tourists, as a rule, prefer to settle on eco-farms around which the areas reserved for collection are located.

6. Italy

The most important fungus for Italians is Piedmontese truffle. If you are not lucky enough to find a wonderful fragrant mushroom yourself, you can buy it at the annual November truffle bazaar, which takes place in the Piedmont region.

5. France

The main mushroom treasure of the country is a black truffle. Every year, gourmets from all over the world come to Provence to hunt for truffles. Travel companies even organize special thematic tours for those who wish.

4. USA

The American Institute of Mushrooms publishes statistics on the number of mushroom pickers, collecting competitions and record-holders each year. For each mushroom picker in the United States, the collection rate is set - no more than 13 kg per trip, which can be no more than ten within one year, otherwise a special license is required.

3. Canada

In Canada, there are many special mushroom farms, where they are happy to conduct excursions for tourists and organize master classes in mushroom cooking. To collect wild mushrooms, you can advise a two-hour excursion accompanied by an instructor with the subsequent preparation of the harvested crop.

2. Finland

The mushroom season in Finland ends at the end of November. Annually in the country for this time comes more than 10 thousand foreign mushroom pickers. Especially popular Finnish chanterelles, boletus and bitter.

1. Belarus

Mushrooms in Belarus, without exaggeration, are a national product. The harvest season lasts until mid-November. Mushroom pickers enjoy using the special Internet resource, where you can download the most productive routes, as well as a structured mobile catalog of mushrooms.