Design a bathroom with a combined bath

Most people think that the design of bathrooms begins and ends with a choice of finishing materials and colors. In fact, it is a broader concept.

Full design project, which is the basis for the repair, including electrical wiring diagrams, water and sanitation, taking into account the location of plumbing fixtures. Only after this, on paper or in a computer program visualizes the future interior down to the accessories. All stages are connected to each other, as a result should get a harmonious picture of future repairs: beautiful, comfortable, functional.


  • Principles of planning and zoning
  • choice plumbers
  • Choosing a color palette
  • The choice of finishing materials
  • How to organize lighting
  • Value and the location
  • Windows and window trim
  • Innovative solutions and techniques

Principles of planning and zoning

There is such a thing as a "functional area" is inherently associated with the plan. Plumbing is positioned so that it was possible apart from each other, and the front and sides of her was at least a little space for convenient use.

WC in sink

By separate zones desired are: use combinations of textures make color accents set partitions. The combined bathroom workspaces must be at least three:

  • sink area;
  • toilet area;
  • shower / bath area.
WC with shelves

The starting point is a plan sewage riser. The further away will be installed plumbing, the more will have to lay the pipes, keeping the required drain slope. In practice, the remote from the riser 2-3 meters toilet would have on the podium, to ensure normal water waste.


There are two main ways of plumbing location:

  • Linear - suggests the parallel arrangement of elements, often facing each other;
  • Radial - plumbing is located on the perimeter.
Bathroom with shower

Full design combined bathroom is made up of small things, not the last place is occupied Accessories: taps, shelves, hooks for towels, holders, soap dishes, towel holders, toilet paper holder, a lot more. Accessories recommend placing the rule arm's length. That is all that is needed, for example, near washbasins should be no more than 70 cm.

Bathroom in loft

choice plumbers

All plumbing equipment must be combined with each other. The main importance style, material and shape. Dimensions products often dictate the small size of the room. Fortunately, we presented a variety of options that allow you to maximize cost-effective use of space without losing quality and convenience of the modern market.

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Toilet combined with bathroom

For small rooms is preferable to choose a built-in, suspended or angular plumbing. At the same time take into account the constitution of guests. A very tall man is sure to be uncomfortable in five-foot bath and large people uncomfortable in a small shower.

A bathroom with sink

Pay attention to the basin size. Of course, I want to save money, but a very small sink is not always the best option. If you plan to install under the sink washing machine should give preference to models with shifted back siphon.

Combined toilet with shower

Choosing a color palette

On the choice of color in the interior affect personal preference, but also take into account other important factors:

  • Light colors visually extend the room dark - reduce;
  • Psychological perception of color;
  • If you decide to stick to one style of design combined bathroom, then in many ways it will dictate the choice of colors appropriate to the concept;
  • Those who are interested in Feng Shui it is worth considering that according to the Taoist teachings of recuperation and purification from fatigue contribute only pastel shades of blue, green, white, purple.
White and green WC

Considered undesirable brown, gray, black.

The choice of finishing materials

The materials have special requirements. They have to be beautiful, practical, washable. This applies to all surfaces.

Combined bathroom with toilet
The ceiling can be smooth or patterned, it is important to consider the height of the walls. Suspended structure stolen at least 5 cm from the height. If the walls, floor and ceiling are chosen different coatings, it is important that they are organically fit into the interior.

Brown and white bathroom with toilet

Design bathrooms - creative process, if it is difficult to draw a picture in the imagination, but I want something interesting, you can see the interiors of bathrooms with toilets in the photo shown on the network. Suitable products on the market today are many, as they say, for every taste and budget.

Small WC

For the walls:

  • Laying ceramic, glass tiles;
  • Staining the walls with waterproof paint;
  • Pasting of waterproof paper;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Plastic panels.
Toilet in the bathroom with the installation

Main material finishing is often combined with natural and artificial stone, pebble mosaics.


  • staining;
  • To glue the ceiling tiles;
  • Suspended ceiling of the moisture-resistant gypsum board;
  • Aluminum suspended panel;
  • Plastic panels.
Bathroom with wood ceiling and wall


  • Ceramic and stoneware tiles;
  • The flooring of natural wood (decking);
  • Natural cork;
  • Waterproof laminate;
  • Of liquid polymer floors.

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Bathroom with toilet and shower

If the finish of the room was chosen as ceramic tile, you can perform layout in special computer programs. In addition to visualization, it helps to calculate the amount of finishing and consumables.

How to organize lighting

Lighting is important that many people underestimate. Properly chosen and arranged fixtures provide normal lighting, will make the interior more bathrooms cozy, underline style selected help hide or isolate the individual elements visually increase or decrease the room.

Tile with an ornament in combination bathroom
Light sources should be located on different levels: basic (ceiling) lights combined with wall or floor, to leave no shaded areas.

Light in the bathroom

Original modern solution - coverage of different color light areas, as well as the selection of individual components LED tape.

Design is not a large bathroom in the apartment

Tips on lighting:

  • Ideally, each functional zone must have its own coverage in the form of one or more lamps;
  • Direct the light beam should not be reflected in the mirror;
  • small bathroom design always involves a bright light, it helps to visually enlarge the room;
  • Power control of the luminous flux can arrange the necessary attitude;
  • It is undesirable to use fluorescent lamps cold spectrum (5000-7000K), they do not contribute to the creation of comfort.
Tiles on the floor with an ornament in combination bathroom

Value and the location

The mirror is selected in accordance with the general concept and style. If dominated by squares, it must be pointed corners in the interior with smooth lines look better oval or round. By way of mounting a mirror is divided into embedded (recessed finish), mounted in the frame and floor, except that the mirror can be hinged cabinet facade.

A bathroom in shades of green

It is often combined bathroom design in a modern style mirrors emphasize the Neon, but it does not bear the functional load and is only a decoration, which quickly bored. Reflective surfaces visually enhance space, but may be uncomfortable when they are abundant.

Zoning in combination bathroom

The main areas of the mirrors location:

  • Above the sink;
  • One less two adjacent walls of the bathroom;
  • The inner part of the front door;
  • The rear wall of the niche;
  • The overall room floor mirrors set in height.
Bathroom and toilet in loft

Windows and window trim

So happened that the design of a bathroom with a window rarity for us. Is that in the apartments there is often a small window in the kitchen. Light from this "pane" is so small that the aperture is usually sewn. As an option instead, you can insert stained glass, painting, alter under a niche.

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A bathroom with a window

Spacious rooms of private homes may well get a window opening of any shape and size. Plus, many of the solutions: natural light, additional ventilation, increasing the visual space, aesthetics. If the landscape from the window in the future are not satisfied, you can limit false window. It can also be equipped with a wide sill with a cutout for the sink, decorate roller blinds, nice textile curtains. And if on the windowsill to put moisture-loving plants washroom turn into a green oasis.

Toilet with installation

Innovative solutions and techniques

Modern technology and the abundance of finishing in the bathroom even allow to embody the most original ideas Architectural and interior complement bathrooms with innovative elements. Perhaps one of these ideas, and will have you on the soul.

Bathroom with trouble
  • Podium can already be considered a classic technique. It helps create unusual curves, lines, bath.
  • Built-in shower - a rational and elegant solution by which the interior of the combined bathroom of any size will benefit. The absence of pan opens up new possibilities for the organization of space. In addition, these showers look stylish and modern.
  • Fireplaces - an original, non-standard solution became possible with the advent of bio fireplaces. New running on clean fuel, does not require a chimney, the carbon dioxide formed during combustion is not greater than that of the candle. Most of these fireplaces are built into the wall.
  • Partitions in the design of bathrooms joint usually perform a decorative role, blocking at the same time a separate functional area.
  • Niches are rare, because their arrangement suggests a decrease in the volume of the room.
  • Construction of boxes of plasterboard is usually caused by the need to hide the communication that have forgotten or have not been able to hide in the walls in the initial stages of repair.
Bathroom with hygienic shower and bath

Design combined bathroom large or small - is complex, laborious work, in which the need to take into account the huge amount of nuances. Do not hurry, before attempting to recreate the image from the Internet, consider whether it fully meets your requirements.