Top 5 most sweet countries in the world

Now there are many interesting countries that you need to visit for some reason. Somewhere there are very beautiful landscapes, in some countries you can taste great dishes. We want to do a tour of the "sweet" countries. Have not you heard of such wonderful states? Then we invite you to pay attention to the TOP-5 of the sweetest countries .These states are so called because they cook delicious desserts and delicious food on their territory.


  • 5. Italy
  • 4. Turkey
  • 3. Belgium
  • 2. USA
  • 1. France

5. Italy

Italy is famous worldwide for pasta and pizza, but not only this is proud of the local citizens. Here they make delicious ice cream from natural products. When in Italy, it is necessary to try such a cold treat.

The most famous dessert is tiramisu. A delicate cake made of mascarpone cheese and coffee has gained popularity with many people.

4. Turkey

This amazing country has succeeded in making sweets. In Turkey you can try the most amazing oriental delicacies. In the country there is even a holiday Sheker-bairam, during which it is possible to try various desserts. The most famous eastern sweets are halva and rahat-lukum. The latter is the king of Turkish desserts. There are many kinds of this delicacy. Very often, in a "piece of pleasure"( so literally translated the name of sweets), add nuts, and in some species, even the petals of roses are put. Halva is the second most popular. She's even made from almonds and pistachios here.

3. Belgium

This is another "sweet" country. Fans of chocolate and other goodies here will than enjoy, as in the country there are many shops with delicacies. Especially valuable are handmade sweets. They are very tasty and beautiful.

When in Belgium, be sure to try a popular treat - Belgian waffles. To taste they are amazing. .. If you do not believe, then try them.

2. USA

Americans are a nation of sweet tooth. In the US, a lot of sweets are made, you can not exactly name the number of cakes invented here. This is the chocolate brownie, and the famous American cheesecake, which is loved by many thanks to an incredibly tender taste. If you watch American cinema, you might have noticed that the police there are very fond of donuts. All this is true, and valiant advocates of law and order, and ordinary citizens of America adore sweet, fried in butter patties.

American chocolate is popular all over the world, because we all love the Mars and Snickers bars. In the US there is even a "chocolate" resort town, which is the most "sweet".There are many wonderful "chocolate" entertainments, which obviously will taste sweet tooth.

1. France

This is the sweetest country of as well. About the desserts that were invented in France, there are legends. Remember the taste of apple charlotte, it is so tender, the pie literally melts in your mouth.

Have you ever seen a multicolored makroon? Such wonderful air cakes were invented in this country. The composition of bright dessert includes only useful ingredients.

Croissants, eclairs, meringues - all these sweet "joys" were also created in France.

Where do you think the grill was invented? Such sweets were also created in this romantic country.

A truly excellent invention is the "Napoleon" cake, which everyone knows about.

Marvelous taste of French chocolate fascinates everyone who tries it. In Paris there is even a chain of chocolate shops Maison du Chocolat. There you can taste different types of sweets and visit the master classes.