Rating of the richest IT-businessmen of the world according to Forbes

Forbes magazine published the first in its history rating of 100 richest IT-businessmen of the world .Six of the participants in the list of business associated with information technology, inherited, and 94 of the 100 rich themselves created and developed their own empire. The number of IT-billionaires included seven women, the richest of which is Laurin Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs. The only representative of Russia was Yuri Milner( $ 3.3 billion and 62 places).

When compiling the rating, Forbes took into account the prices for shares at the close of trading on Friday, July 31, 2015.

We present to you the top 10 richest technomagnets in the world.

  • Contents:
    • 10. Michael Dell
    • 9. Lauren Powell Jobs
    • 8. Steve Ballmer
    • 7. Jack Ma
    • 6. Sergey Brin
    • 5. Larry Page
    • 4. Mark Zuckerberg
    • 3. Jeff Bezos
    • 2. Larry Ellison
    • 1. Bill Gates

10. Michael Dell

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dell Corporation. His fortune Forbes estimated at 19.4 billion dollars.

9. Lauren Powell Jobs

The sources of wealth 51-year-old billionaire( $ 21.4 billion according to Forbes) are shares of Apple and Disney. She is the founder and chairman of the Emerson Collective organization, which uses business opportunities to promote social reforms and help students who are limited in resources.

8. Steve Ballmer

This is the world's first millionaire, the state of which appeared due to options received from the employer - the software giant Microsoft. However, Ballmer is neither its founder nor a relative of the founder. He is known not only for his fantastic wealth( $ 22.7 billion), but also eccentric, temperamental performances.

7. Jack Ma

This Chinese billionaire with a fortune of 23.2 billion dollars founded the company Alibaba Group. To Russian consumers, it is known by the subsidiary trading internet site AliExpress, which presents millions of goods from the Middle Kingdom.

6. Sergey Brin

Co-founder and director of special projects, Google has an impressive capital of 32.8 billion dollars. The unusually high growth of Google's shares began in July 2015, after the new CFO Ruth Porat promised to curb the costs of complex implementation and long-term projects and amid news of the growing popularity of YouTube.

5. Larry Page

The top-5 of the richest IT-businessmen in the world is opened by Sergey Brin's friend and his business partner. Their brainchild Google brought Paige $ 33.4 billion.

4. Mark Zuckerberg

The 31-year-old co-founder and CEO of Facebook has a capital of 41.2 billion dollars. In June 2015, the site of his social network totaled 149 billion users a month. Part of his income Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan give for philanthropic purposes. The couple donated $ 100 million to the Traumatology Center at the San Francisco Public Hospital and the development of ways to combat the Ebola virus.

3. Jeff Bezos

The equity of this 51-year-old American is $ 47.8 billion, and 90% of it comes from 18% of Amazon. The state of Bezos has grown by $ 13 billion since the beginning of 2015.In the Forbes billionaires rating, which was published in early March, it "cost" $ 34.8 billion dollars. As CEO of Amazon, Bezos continues to make bold bets on new technologies, such as order delivery using drones.

2. Larry Ellison

Founder of Oracle, a member of the top 3 software vendors with the largest revenues. The state of Ellison is 50 billion dollars. His name has long flashed in Forbes, the first time it appeared in the magazine in 1986, then Ellison's capital was 185 million dollars.

1. Bill Gates

The richest man in the world got the first place in the ranking of the richest IT-businessmen in 2015. Its capital is 79.6 billion dollars. Gates, who left Microsoft in 2014 to focus on charitable activities, continues to sell shares of the company he founded with Paul Allen 40 years ago. Under his leadership, Microsoft became the leader in the field of software production.