The best wobblers for the pike in 2016, the 10 most catchy

Pike fishing by spinning, perhaps the most popular, hazardous and affordable fishing on the rivers and lakes of Russia and CIS countries.

In anticipation of the summer fishing season in 2016, we analyzed hundreds, thousands of reviews, ratings and reviews on authoritative fishing portals and forums, personally checked the catchability of some of the most recommended wobblers models.

Today, the result of the work done was the rating, which included the best wobblers for the pike in 2016 .The list includes baits that are better than others that showed themselves by the end of the last year and guarantee an excellent catch in 2016.


  • Pike Lures: 10 best models of 2016
    • 10. Jackall Mag Squad
    • 9. DUO Realis Jerkbait
    • 8. ZipBaits Orbit 80
    • 7. Imakatsu Riprizer
    • 6. Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO
    • 5. OSP AsuraRudra Jerkbait
    • 4. Megabass Vision 110
    • 3. Deps Balisong
    • 2. ZipBaits Orbit 110 SP
    • 1. Megabass Vision OneTen
  • Alternative rating of wobblers for pike( VIDEO)

Pike Wobbers: Top 10 models of 2016

Consider the ten most promisingmodels, the most successful colors and techniques of fishing, which, according to fishermen, brought the maximum number of bites.

10. Jackall Mag Squad

Opens the rating of the suspender, offered in two sizes: 115 and 128 mm.with a depth of up to 1.5 meters.

Most reviews praise the catchability of a larger version.

Recommended wiring: uniform twitching with short pauses, during which often a predator attack occurs.

Which color of Jackall Mag Squad wobblers is better to choose: part of the fishermen is convinced that the color does not matter, but there are those who recommend "Mat Tiger"( pictured).

Average cost of wobblers: 1200 rub.

9. DUO Realis Jerkbait

Choosing the most catchy wobblers for a pike, the top 10 must necessarily include the model of a well-known manufacturer DUO.

Realis Jerkbait is released in 4 versions, but the stability of the yields of the predator is different 120SP.A slurry weighing 18 grams is submerged to a depth of 2 meters.

The most efficient wiring of the is from uniform to sharp twitching or pulling. Unequivocal opinion among fishermen was not found out.

Effective colors: D154, N34, P59, depending on the water condition and season.

Average price in Russia: 900 rub.

8. ZipBaits Orbit 80

The youngest model of the legendary wobblack is available in two versions: shallow( SR) weighing 8.5 grams, submerged up to 1 meter and deep-sea( DR) weight 9 g and a depth of 1.5 m. Both have neutral buoyancy.

The best wiring of the is a series of short pulls, followed by pauses. During pauses, the wobblers do not just pop up, but continue their swaying movements, which the pike certainly likes.

Natural colors of the attract not only the pike, but also the perch. More colorful and unusual - just a toothy predator.

Buy in Russia it is possible approximately for 900 rbl.

7. Imakatsu Riprizer

The pike assassin is presented in 8 versions, quite different in characteristics, but they catch everything with the same success.

As a priority catch fishermen in the reviews recommend single jerks with long pauses 2-3 seconds.during which the wobbler slowly pops his head up, while continuing to swim forward.

Transparent colors and close to them - work worse, so we recommend brighter, color.

You can buy a wobbler in 2016 for 1200 rubles.

6. Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO

Wobblers of the most famous Japanese company deservedly enjoy the confidence among anglers, thanks to their quality, originality and catchability. Most of the models can be called a work of art.

Vision 95 Q-GO comes in a single floating version, 9.5 cm long with a weight of 10.6 grams and a depth of 1 meter. Recently, on the shelves of stores appeared a huge number of fakes of this wobblers, which are drowning in the water. Study it carefully before buying!

Recommended wiring: uniform with draws and pauses. It is the pause phase that accounts for the majority of the outputs. Occasionally, there may be substitutions.

The most successful color: PM Setsuki Ayu( pictured).

For sale in the shops of the Russian Federation for 1300 rubles.

5. O.S.P Asura Rudra Jerkbait

A popular bait with an impressive size( 13 cm), weighing from 17 to 22 grams and a depth of immersion up to 2 m. It is characterized by strong vibrational movements and lateral deviations in jerk harness. Thanks to this, the wobbler for the pike is recommended during the autumn zhory.

There are no unambiguous recommendations regarding the most efficient wiring, depending on the conditions of catching, there is even running and pauses, followed by twitching.

Perspective color: M-14( Mat Tiger), H-09( in the picture).

Cost of wobblers , one of the highest in the rating: 1400 rubles.

4. Megabass Vision 110

Externally does not differ much from the previously considered model, which can not be said about catchability. According to numerous reviews and reviews, the Vision 110 catches the pike better than 95 Q-GO.

This variety is available in size 11 cm, weight 14.2 gr.and submerged up to 1 meter.

The fishing technique is the most diverse: uniform, jersey, stop and go. ..

Preferred colors: Aka Tora, leviathan Ayu, M RB Shad.

It is offered for 1360 rubles.

3. Deps Balisong

The bait makes it clear that the most catchy wobblers for pike can not be cheap. And further you will be convinced of this.

Fish are offered in 2 sizes 10 and 13 cm, each in turn presented as a floating and freezing version weighing from 14.2 to 24.8 grams. Depending on the species, the wobbler dives from 1.8 to 2 meters.

The wiring of the wobbler should be varied, but preferably jerky. This is very attractive for large perch and pike.

The best colors of : 03, 05, 22.

Price list Balisong tops the rating: 1500 rub.

2. ZipBaits Orbit 110 SP

The oldest model in the series. Possessing a similar cost, it demonstrates the best catchability of the pike.

Presented by a single 11 cm long suspender with a weight of 16.5 grams and a depth of up to 1.2 meters.

Tactics: tweaking with damping( pauses), occasionally even wiring helps.

The colors are better to choose the following: 021R, 070, 300, 312.

At the time of writing, the wobblers are temporarily out of stock for .Previously sold for 800 rubles.

1. Megabass Vision OneTen

The best pike waggon in 2016 .Absolute favorite of many fishermen following the fishing season last year. This is indicated by a lot of reviews, reviews and photo reports with the participation of Megabass Vision OneTen.

Works well on any standard wiring, but is preferred: small pokes with pauses 2-4 seconds.
Product specifications:

Length Weight Type Hooks Depth
11 cm. 14 gr. Suspender 3 0,5-1 m.

Color options:

More catchy colors: ht ito wakasagi, m blue back oikawa, mat tiger, pm setsuki ayu.

Sale wobblers for the price of from 1200 to 1500 rubles.

Alternative rating of wobblers for pike( VIDEO)