Rating of the most popular radio stations

Radio accompanies us everywhere: in the car, public transport, on the street, at home, and sometimes at work. Without being distracted from various activities, we have the opportunity to listen to music, news, analytical, information and entertainment programs.

To compile today's popularity rating of radio stations we were helped by the data of the group of analytical companies TNS.In studies, the audience was older than 12 years.


  • 10. "DFM"
  • 9. "Radio of Russia"
  • 8. "Lighthouse"
  • 7. "Humor FM"
  • 6. "Retro FM"
  • 5. "Radio Chanson"
  • 4. "Road Radio"
  • 3. "Autoradio"
  • 2. "Russian Radio"
  • 1. "Europe Plus"

10. "DFM"

- the federal radio station, which began broadcasting in 2000, the original name was "Radio Dynamite".The main part of the airtime is occupied by dance music .Target audience DFM - students aged 16 to 30 years.

9. Radio of Russia

is an state radio station , which started its work in 1990."Radio of Russia" is the only radio station in the general format, broadcasting any kinds of programs: political, information, analytical, entertaining, musical, scientific and educational.

8. "Lighthouse"

is a legendary radio station that began broadcasting in the USSR in 1964.The main direction - the talk and entertainment broadcasting. The main audience of the radio station is people older than middle age, although the management of Mayak regularly works on "rejuvenation", attracting listeners 25-35 years old.

7. "Humor FM"

is a radio station, the air of which is filled mostly with programs of humorous content.

6. "Retro FM"

is a commercial music radio station , which dedicates its broadcast to compositions of Russian and foreign authors of the 1970s-1990s. The age of the target audience of the radio station is 35-49 years.

5. Radio Shanson

has been broadcasting in Russia and the CIS since 2000.The main direction is music in the style of "Russian chanson".

4. "Road Radio"

Information and music radio station, which began broadcasting in 2003.It covers about 90 cities of Russia. The format of the radio station is music of chanson style, hits of Russian and foreign music.80% of the air is Russian music. A distinctive feature is a summary of traffic information.

3. "Autoradio"

- a music radio station, broadcasting since 1991.The business card of the radio station is the International annual music festival "Disco 80"."Autoradio" - three times winner of the "Brand of the Year" award.

2. "Russian Radio"

- the most Russian-language radio station among musical. Russian Radio began broadcasting in 1995.The station is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for holding a 52-hour show "Russian Peppers" in non-stop mode.

1. "Europe Plus"

- is the most popular radio station of in Russia. In 1990, it became the first non-state commercial radio station in our country. The target audience is 20-35 years old. In many regions the broadcast is filled with local information and advertising programs.