Most popular Instagram stars in Russia

Instagram became so popular that even the Pope could not resist and placed his selfie there. What can we say about Russian and foreign stars of different sizes, which are simply flooded with social images. Summarizing the results of 2015, the editorial board of the photo blogger compiled the rating of the most popular show business stars in the Russian Instagram .

Popularity in social networks can be considered one of the indicators of the success of a media person. And this amuses the pride of the stars, because now you can show off not only fees, but the number of subscribers, or the number of "likes" under the photograph. By the way, literally the other day we published the most popular Photography Instagram of 2015.

And here is what the first top five popular accounts of Russian singers and singers looks like.


5. Alsou

  • 4. Nyusha
  • 3. Egor Creed
  • 2. Polina Gagarina
  • 1. Vera Brezhneva
  • 5. Alsu

    Almost one million people signed to the Instagram of the Tatar beauty. At 32, Alsou looks so good that Internet scammers create fake accounts, where on behalf of the singer they advertise miracle means to take care of themselves. Alsou even had to publish on his page in the photoblog a warning for subscribers not to "carry on" advertising bracelets, cosmetics, rings and other products, to which she has not the slightest relation. The recipe for youth Alsou is simple and free: healthy sleep, proper nutrition, sport.

    4. Nyusha

    The singer has 1.5 million subscribers. And their number may increase after December 22.On this day, Nyusha will perform at the State Kremlin Palace, where the festive show "New Year's History of the Future" will take place. She will not only perform a few songs, but also literally soar above the stage. To perform this difficult trick, the singer had to overcome the fear of heights.

    3. Egor Creed

    My fiancee, you are my bride. .. Her smile, Mom, my head is all around! Few of the Russians listening to the radio do not know these lines from the hits of Creed "The Bride" and "The Most-most."The page of the 21-year-old singer was signed by 1.6 million people. And he is the only man amongst the most popular stars of Instagram 2015.

    2. Polina Gagarina

    The pop singer, who won the 2nd place in Eurovision-2015, performed the song Million Voices, in the second place and in the top 5 of the Russian Instagram. Now the number of its subscribers is 2.1 million people. For "Eurovision" Pauline, who recently became a mother, had to lose an extra 30 kg, and now she looks great.

    1. Vera Brezhnev

    Currently, the singer has 3.5 million subscribers. But not all fans send Brezhnev laudatory reviews. They criticized the photo on which Vera appeared in the image of a lady from the 50s, for the Moscow party Calzedonia & Smeg. Moscow. Fans did not like the heavy make-up of the singer, who "aged" her eyes. But to the very side of the claims was not.