The best wakes of 2017 for beginners

The other day the Ministry of Health proposed to ban wakes( slang name of electronic cigarettes for those who want to quit smoking) in public places and not sell them to people under 21 years old. It is also planned to limit the number of places where it is possible to purchase substitutes for these cigarettes and to prohibit advertising of these products. In the meantime, these restrictions have not entered into force, the slogan "wherever I want to steam, is not prohibited by law" is still relevant. We present to you the rating of the best wakes of 2017 for beginners, which give a lot of steam and guarantee an excellent taste. All the models were selected taking into account user ratings and feedback on profile sites.


5. VertX Plus

  • 4. Eleaf iStick - 30W
  • 3. Halo G6 Starter Kit
  • 2. JUUL eCig
  • 1. JoyeTech eGo-CC Smart - Simple
    • Device of the electronic cigarette lighter
  • 5. VertX Plus

    Average price -3000 rubles.

    This is an easy-to-use electronic cigarette for beginner vapers, made in the form of a feather, with one flat side( so that the device does not fall if you want to put it vertically).

    • The feature of the Plus model is a touch-sensitive LED screen that replaces the familiar "+" and "-" power adjustment buttons, which is very convenient in the era of touchscreen smartphones.
    • At the bottom of the paper there are 5 LED indicators that go out as the battery is depleted at 420mAh.
    • Another distinctive feature of the wipe is the availability of both the micro-USB port and the 510 connection for the cartridges.
    • The battery charges very quickly - per hour.

    The kit includes a liquid with a realistic taste of tobacco, which should please smokers who want to "tie" with a bad habit.

    The drawbacks of VertX Plus include the small size of the power button.

    4. Eleaf iStick - 30W

    The average price is 2580 rubles.

    If the previous participant of the top-5 of the best electronic cigarettes of 2017 was designed for those who are only acquainted with the world of steam and liquids, this model is designed for experienced vapers who want to receive whole clouds of steam. It is one of the best-selling mods in box format, and the size of the mod is excellent for those who want a device that fits comfortably in the hand.


    • Capacity: 2200mAh.
    • It is possible to install spirals with a resistance below 1 Ohm.
    • Full charge for 2.5 hours.
    • Built-in battery, can be charged by micro usb.

    Cons: when you press the square button, which turns off the device and switches modes, it unpleasantly rattles and slightly staggers.

    3. Halo G6 Starter Kit

    The average price is 2000 rubles.

    These electronic cigarettes with the "soft touch" case are nice to hold in your hands. Thanks to a wide variety of color options, this set is perfect for girls who can choose the right color for lipstick or nail polish. Each G6 Starter kit comes complete with two automatic( 78 mm) batteries and five steam-generating elements( cartomizers) with the tastes of your choice, plus a usb charger.

    This wye features:

    • Battery capacity: 280 mAh.
    • Battery charge: 200 puffs / charge. Battery life: 300 cycles.
    • 1 portable case.
    • Battery charge time is about 3 hours.

    2. JUUL eCig

    The average price is 2900 rubles.

    The product of Pax Labs is different in appearance from other wakes and looks more like a long rectangular flash drive. There are no buttons on the case, that is, this product is made in the best traditions of minimalism. In the middle of the device there is a sensor that will work during tightening. So it is enough for the smoker to attach the cartridge with the smoking liquid and take pleasure in the process.

    A distinctive feature of JUUL are the cartridges with 5% nicotine content, while most of the smoking fluids on the market contain only 2.4% nicotine.

    Product specifications:

    • Battery charge: 200 puffs / charge.
    • The presence of a sensor, which allows you to check the battery level with 2 quick presses.
    • Full charging takes place per hour.

    Disadvantages: expensive cartridges( about 1200 rubles for a set of 4 pieces), you can not use the device while charging.

    1. JoyeTech eGo-CC Smart - Simple

    The price, on average, is 1000 rubles.

    Heads our list of the best veypov the most inexpensive and very popular option from the famous Chinese manufacturer. Instead of the cartridges, this cheaper cigarette is used in this electronic cigarette and a replaceable heating element C1 is installed. On the body of the clinic, there is a transparent window so that the user can see how much liquid is left. Another nice detail: you can use it even when charging.

    Product specifications:

    • 2 modes of operation( with and without stabilization) - 3.5 V and 4.2 - 3.3 V respectively. Battery capacity: 650 mAh.
    • Charging time is two hours. Evaporator resistance: 2.2 Ohm.

    For those who smoke 10 to 15 cigarettes a day, switching to Joyetech evic vtc mini will become a good and probably healthier alternative.

    The device of an electronic cigarette-holder

    The use of wakes, as well as the harm from them, are still not proved. Remember, smoking harms your health!