Top 5 Most Accurate Weather Forecast Sites

On the Internet, dozens of popular sites offer a weather forecast. However, practice shows that some forecasts are more accurate, others are far from reality.

Today we compared sites and offer Top-5 of the most accurate weather forecast sites on the Internet.

Modern science knows how to predict the meteorological situation for a period of up to 1 month. However, the most accurate is the forecast for 3 days. By studying long-term forecasts( over 10 days), it is useful to know that the air temperature for such a long time can be predicted more or less accurately, but the rain forecast is less likely to come true.



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    This site offers a forecast for three million localities onthe whole planet. The resource was founded in 1962 by a member of the American Meteorological Society Joel Myers, originally Accuweather's forecasts were published in the media and broadcast on TV.

    Today the site offers forecasts for the period from one hour to one month, as well as convenient applications for mobile devices.


    In 1982, the Weather news channel was founded, which broadcast round-the-clock weather reports for settlements scattered around the world.

    To date, is one of the world's most popular weather informers. Here you can find out the forecast for 100 thousand cities all over the planet.


    This resource - the leader of the Runet on attendance among all weather informers. The forecast is updated on the site 4 times a day, so Gismeteo users are always up to date.

    The maximum period for which a forecast is made for is 1 month. Visitors are also provided with animated weather maps for any regions of the planet.


    The project is an independent resource created by Russian fans of meteorology and astronomy more than 20 years ago.

    The site has accurate forecasts for 14, 10, 7, 5 days, and also for a month. There are forecasts of the state of the geomagnetic field with recommendations for meteodependent people.


    This resource is the official site of the hydrometeorological center of Russia .The site has a forecast of the main meteorological office of the country for 5,000 cities.

    The Hydrometeorological Center is engaged in predicting weather since 1930, the disposal of specialists a vast experience of observation.

    The site offers animated forecasts for the territory of Europe for two days, climate statistics, as well as an archive of forecasts.