Rating of the best CRM systems of 2017

Most of the success of CRM( customer relationship management systems) is the result of choosing the right technology. Organizations will have to weigh the costs, the services provided and the degree of functionality, the ability to provide production and much, much more. There are so many possible factors to consider that choosing a supplier and comparing CRM can be extremely difficult.

Introducing the aggregated CRM rating of 2017 systems for ISM, Nucleus Research, CRM Magazine. The systems included in the list are analyzed according to 179 criteria, but the most attention is paid to ergonomics and functionality.


  • 10. Hamster CRM
  • 9. Simple Business
  • 8. Zoho CRM
  • 7. FreshOffice CRM
  • 6. Salesforce CRM
  • 5. Client base
  • 4. Megaplan
  • 3. amoCRM
  • 2. Bitrix24 is the best free CRM
  • 1. bpm'online sales

10. Hamster CRM

The newcomer( RosBusinessSoft released it relatively recently) has already gained a solid reputation in the market: after all, this is the first service in Russia that allows you to maintain a client base and complete online inventory management in the online mode.

9. Simple Business

This CRM system will help improve customer relationship management and sales process through automation of organization management, communication between employees and customers, and teamwork. Includes a mobile version, which is convenient for frequently traveling business people.

8. Zoho CRM

Zoho has been on the market for eleven years, and in honor of last year's anniversary, the Zoho CRM system has made up to 10 users free. One of the hallmarks of the program is integration with other company products, including mailings, mail, online office and much more. The Russian interface is present.

7. FreshOffice CRM

This CRM system has its own cloud exchange and can replace a lot of individual programs( messengers, accounting, file sharing, etc.).

6. Salesforce CRM

It is one of the most effective SaaS CRM systems on the market. Customer access to the system is via the Internet. There is a Russian interface.

5. Client base

Top 5 best CRM opens a program for simple but functional and convenient business. Allows you to maintain a common database with customizable access levels, keep a record of clients and monitor employee productivity.

4. Megaplan

This CRM-system is integrated with Oktell telephony, which allows to improve the process of customers calling. Even if the head has gone on leave, for operational control of the activities of employees, only an Internet connection will be required.

3. amoCRM

The main advantage of this program, which got into the best CRM systems for sales - its simplicity. It does not require either installation or configuration, which saves costs for technical specialists. All maintenance of system operation is incurred by the company.

2. Bitrix24 - the best free CRM

A kind of social network at work that allows employees to easily and conveniently communicate with each other - on the site, by mail, on video, on mobile. This is also the best free CRM.The system has all the capabilities to monitor and analyze the sales process.

1. bpm'online sales

"The basis of great results is always a well-built process" - this is the principle by which the best CRM systems work. The rating of 2017 was led by the system bpm'online sales, which by choice ISM, Nucleus Research and CRM Magazine became the best of the best. It allows you to manage the full cycle of sales, from attracting the customer to ordering and on. With an intuitive interface, it's easy and fun to work on both the desktop and mobile device( smartphone, tablet).