Rating of the best online games

With online games today almost every Internet user is familiar. Even those of us who have never played, from time to time, are tempted to click on a colorful banner, immersed in a virtual world where hundreds of people already reside.

Introducing online games rating , compiled based on the results of a survey of Internet users conducted by the portal ProXGame.com.

Our top ten includes the best online games of of various genres.

Similarly, the list of the best games of 2012 is published.


  • 10. Overkings RU
  • 9. 1100AD
  • 8. My Lands RU
  • 7. Desert Operations
  • 6. Football Manager 11x11 RU
  • 5. Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
  • 4. Tanks Online
  • 3. Heroes of War and Money
  • 2. Dark Orbit RU
  • 1. Travian - the best online strategy,

10. Overkings RU

- the whole world in the genre of fantasy. A player can become a warrior or a great evil spirit, a politician, a thief, a diplomat. .. Free online game features high-quality graphics and the ability to conduct combat with the enemy in on-line mode

9. 1100AD

is a historical strategy that unfolds in the Middle Ages. Characters are knights, rangers, archers. The player's task is to create and develop his own army.

8. My Lands RU

is a military-economic strategy. The action takes place in the era of civil war. The player is entitled to power within the same city. The task: to build a new city, develop science, trade and construction, create an army, and explore the lands of our country. Players spy on each other, interact, fight monsters. By the way, the game has the ability to withdraw offline earned money.

7. Desert Operations

is a modern military strategy. Initially, the player receives a military unit, which will be developed before the battle-worthy army. The game confronts thousands of individual players and major military alliances.

6. Football Manager 11x11 RU

Allows the player to feel like a real football team coach. The task is to select players for a variety of parameters, their proper arrangement and development of the strategy of the game. Victory in matches constantly raise the player's rating.

5. Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

- a game in the style of fantasy. The action takes place in the Middle Ages. The player selects the side of one of the warring clans: humans or magmars. The game is great for fans of all sorts of magic elixirs, magic armor and other fantastic gizmos.

4. Tanks Online

is a thriller in 3D format, extremely popular in the entire post-Soviet space. The game is distinguished by good graphics. You can fight both alone and in an alliance with other players. Starting with a simple recruit, the player can be promoted and the honorary title of Marshal.

3. Heroes of War and Money

- a product that combined three components: tactical battles, online fantasy and the genre of strategy. The game has a place for magic and extraterrestrial beings. You can play alone and in groups.

2. Dark Orbit RU

is a fantastic online game for admirers of interstellar space, alien contacts and a heated confrontation with extraterrestrial life forms. According to the plot, humanity is developing a new space for life, escaping from anthropogenic catastrophe capable of ruining all life on Earth.

1. Travian - is the best online strategy for ,

according to internet users. It is considered one of the "progenitors" of browser games. The player at the very beginning owns a single village, with the goal of creating the Empire. The best online game allows you to build an army, explore and seize new lands, fight, build and feel the lord of the world.