The most popular types of flooring from wood

For more than one hundred years, parquet has been known as a comfortable and beautiful floor covering. The start was taken in Europe, where craftsmen started from planks, or riveting, spread original drawings on the floor. Fast enough parquet moved to castles and palaces. In Russia, this coating appeared in the 16th century and is still one of the most popular types of wood flooring, although expensive.

One of the largest suppliers of raw materials for the production of parquet in Russia is the timber holding Segezha Group. One of the main missions of the company is the protection of the environment during harvesting and processing of wood. The group of companies "Segezha" was one of the first to start the production of parquet coverings in the territory of the CIS.

Over time, there were parquet coverings in several layers. Strictly speaking, they are not 100% parquet, but rather, they can be called its substitute.


  • Natural or analog?
    • Wooden parquet
    • Wooden parquet
    • Solid wood flooring
    • Wood flooring
    • Assorted parquet
    • Multi-layered board

Natural or analog?

These durable, durable and heat-absorbing flooring materials can be made from natural wood or multi-layer. The second category refers to the engineering coverage, that is, the budget analogue of the parquet. Kinds of natural parquet:

  • Piece, performed in the form of separate laths;
  • The Palace, which is a kind of piece. Also called artistic, due to complex drawings;
  • Solid, consisting of a single piece of wood.

Derived variants:

  • Parquet board, formed from several layers of wood;
  • Set( mosaic), complete with small dice;
  • Shield, executed from boards( boards), the top layer of which are small planks - riveting.

Partial parquet

Most popular. Produce it in the form of wooden plates of solid wood, which have on the sides and the end part of the spikes and grooves for better connection during assembly. Its service life and cost depend on the manufacturing technology, thickness and quality of the raw material. The coating is durable and maintainable.

Palace parquet

One of the most expensive, because in its production, up to 80 different types of wood are used. If to be absolutely exact, art parquet is, more likely, technology of stacking patterned piece parquet. His drawing consists of planks of different shapes, texture and color scale. From the palace parquet you can lay out real masterpieces of flooring, resistant to unstable temperature and humidity.

Massive board

The most high-quality and expensive coating, made of solid wood. The structure of the array is similar to the parquet floor, differs mainly only in size and the presence of a four-way lock joint. The whole-mass parquet is convenient in that it can be laid directly on logs. The service life reaches 100 years.

Shield parquet

Refers to the engineering area, as the slats made of natural wood are glued to plywood panels or a chipboard base. Performed in the form of a square, when laying requires a clear exposure of the angle of 90 °.Required lacquer coating.

Assorted parquet

It is a sub-type of a shield, but more diverse in color solutions and texture. Coverage is a small square bars, collected from small flaps. The second name - mosaic - was obtained for the possibility of creating a variety of patterns. In order to simplify the laying, the parquet is glued onto the paper. That is, the drawing is already assembled. The wrong side can be protected by a rubber or foam layer.

Multilayer board

According to the name, it contains several working layers:

  1. The top layer is a varnish or wax coating;
  2. Solid or multilayer wood;
  3. Basis of woodworking waste or low-cost wood material;
  4. Stabilizing layer.

On the edges of such boards, combs and grooves for connection are made. Like a massive one, it is laid on logs or a solid base base. It is not subject to cycling.

Perhaps these are the most popular and common types of wooden flooring used today.