The strangest presidential candidates in the United States

To run for the office of the American president is easy. All you need is money, charisma, US citizenship by birth, age from 35 years and residence in the country for at least 14 years. This set of simple prerequisites contributes to the fact that in every presidential election odd people participate, who had the confidence to say: "Yes, I can rule the country!"

Here are the strangest presidential candidates for the 2016 election.


5. Jeff Boss

  • 4. Terry Jones
  • 3. Cat Limberbutt McCubbins
  • 2. Joaquin Malfurs nicknamed Waka Flocka Flame
  • 1. Vermin Suprim
  • 5. Jeff Boss

    Candidate for 45 US Presidents from the Democratic Party and a supporterconspiracy theory. He is sure that the National Security Agency( NSA) organized the terrorist attack on September 9, 2011.The boss also claims that he survived more than 1,000 attempts to attempt his life and continues to live only because he found secret identity codes( so the NSA agents learn that you are one of them) and continuously used them to avoid death.

    The Boss has already put forward his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America in 2008 and 2012, and the last time he scored 1024 votes.

    4. Terry Jones

    Pastor of the small religious community "Pigeon Assistance Center" in Gainesville, Florida. He became famous in 2010, announcing the burning day of the Koran. This reverend Jones did not stop, and two years later he hung a stuffed prophet Muhammad on the gallows. The same fate befell the effigy of Barack Obama. This was done in the framework of the election campaign of the pastor who participated in the presidential race in the United States in 2012.Widespread fame received the film "Innocence of Muslims", produced by Terry Jones. The tape caused outrage of the Islamic world and anti-American Muslims.

    3. Cat Limberbutt McCubbins

    This cute tailed resident of Louisville, Kentucky, is unlikely to fall into the top 5 major contenders for the presidency of the US in 2016, as he is under 35 years old. And he does not have much to do with the election program, there, except for "meow", there are no election promises. But charisma is more than enough. The presidential candidate's cat is owned by 18-year-old Emily McCubbins, and all the necessary documents were filled by her friend Isaac Weiss. In the application submitted to the Federal Electoral Commission, it is said that Limberbutt is a Democrat. Or, as Weiss put it, "demo-cat."

    Candidate McCubbins is not the first non-man to be nominated for the presidency of the United States. His predecessors were a pig named Pigasus Immortal in 1968 and Molly's dog in 2008.

    2. Joaquin Malfurs nicknamed Waka Flocka Flame

    Do you want the owners to be banned from visiting restaurants along with pets? Are you dreaming about legalizing marijuana? Do you think that people with shoes 47 sizes and more occupy a valuable place, and let them better go by taxi and other transport? Joaquin Malfurs is your candidate! This bench also believes that women have already received all the rights they need, and Hillary Clinton calls the main rival. Her women are more in love, and she is honest.

    1. Vermin Suprem

    Headed the rating of the strangest presidential candidates in the US in 2016 gray-bearded hippies with a boot instead of a headdress. The cornerstone of his campaign is the guarantee of ponies for all Americans. After all, the widespread use of ponies will solve the problem of lack of public transport, as well as many new jobs.

    Supri intends to invest money from the budget in the study of the possibility of traveling in time. If successful, promises to go back in time and kill Hitler before he grows up.

    And America should be ready for the forthcoming invasion of zombies. Suprim is the only candidate who has already thought out how to use these brain lovers as a source of energy. He suggests luring them into giant turbines with the help of a treat, against which zombies can not resist.

    Now Vermin Suprim has gone on a tour of 20 cities to secure the support of voters.