Best gifts for the New Year 2016 - more than 30 ideas

Everyone is waiting for the New Year 2016 gifts, even those who do not believe in Santa Claus, or fulfill his role for their children and grandchildren.

Men's shaving lotions, cufflinks and ties, scented candles, women's perfumes, pots and cups with a name are all very popular and very banal ideas for New Year's gifts. A mistress of the new year( the Red or the Fiery Monkey) adores surprises and unusual things.

We present to you the best gifts for the New Year 2016 .More than 30 ideas we selected for you.


  • 5. New Year's gifts for colleagues
  • 4. Gifts for friends, girlfriends
  • 3. Gifts for New Year for children
  • 2. Gifts for parents( mom, dad)
  • 1. Gifts for the New Year to a guy, girl, husband orwife

5. New Year's gifts for colleagues

The Year of the Monkey favors the building of a fast career and achievement of business goals. The only thing the patron of the year lacks is organization. Therefore, as a New Year's gift, a colleague can be presented with an electronic notebook, or a business notebook in a red-gold or orange cover-colors of 2016.

A colleague-cofeman can give a good coffee grinder or a set of different types of coffee( just find out in advance what coffee he prefers: soluble, ground or in grains).For a connoisseur of tea, respectively, will suit a set of different varieties of tea. Do not forget to invest as a gift a small plush monkey.

4. Gifts for friends, girlfriends

Another motorist for the New Year can be handed DVR , radar detector or GPS navigator of the latest model. There are models that combine 3 to 1. They cost more than each gadget separately, but they save space on the windshield.

Since the Red Monkey is from China, the rating of gifts for the year of the Red Monkey can not do without items from China. Smartphone , smart clock, tablet - this is a New Year's gift, suitable for friends and girlfriends. And it's not for nothing that they say that men are big children. A rare child will not be happy with the quadrocopter, the car on the radio control, the railway and another useless, but fun bauble.

3. Gifts for the New Year for children

Sweaters and suits for boys, shoes and dresses for girls are all very necessary things, you can only buy them any day. And the in the New Year the children are waiting for a miracle .And the task of parents is to provide a miracle. The easiest way to find out what the son or daughter wants to see under the tree is to ask him or her to write a letter to Santa Claus.

If the child is too adult, then parents will have to strain and remember what their child is addicted to. Perhaps he will like the figures of heroes from his favorite anime. If the teenager loves wearable gadgets , please him with a helmet of virtual reality Oculus Rift, game mouse or a heaped keyboard. A fitness bracelet is useful for a young athlete.

The girl can be given a gift certificate for the purchase of cosmetics in a well-known store, a visit to the spa salon or a master class on make-up.

2. Gifts to parents( mom, dad)

Many older people find it difficult to master new technologies. Therefore, for them, a touchscreen phone or tablet is not the best New Year gift of 2016, unlike the quality orthopedic mattress or pillow .

Over the years, cleaning the house is becoming increasingly difficult, but a robotic vacuum cleaner( preferably a detergent) can alleviate this problem. There are fewer functions in it than in a smartphone, so it's easier to learn them.

And it is possible for the whole family to visit the New Year's performance in the Dolphinarium, it will give both old and small a lot of positive impressions.

1. Gifts for the New Year to a guy, girl, husband or wife.

Winter is not the time to cook a barbecue. But nothing prevents to think about the future. Therefore, a good New Year gift for a fishing lover will be a feeder rod or catching wobblack .And for a lover of leisure in nature, a portable barbecue grill is suitable.

  • Many men - masters leave watches, keys, charger for mobile phones in different places, and then search for them around the house, reminding of their fussiness of the patron of 2016.They need a leather box, in which you can put together useful and daily used trifles.
  • Wife, who adores non-standard and practical gifts, will be delighted with the salt lamp. This object looks fantastic, shines with a warm amber light, and even clears the air, emitting negative ions.
  • A creative woman will like the picture for drawing by numbers( popular entertainment in China).The process of creating such a canvas - very exciting and uncomplicated, will have something to do in the winter evenings.